Altron, a prominent technology services provider listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, has announced a strategic consolidation of its IT services entities – Altron Karabina, Altron Systems Integration, and Altron Managed Solutions – into a single entity named Altron Digital Business. In a significant move, Altron has amalgamated its three IT services businesses to establish Altron Digital Business. This restructuring aims to enhance operational efficiency and streamline service delivery under a unified banner.

Craig Stewart to Head Altron Digital Business

Leading the charge at Altron Digital Business is Craig Stewart, a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in the technology sector. Formerly serving as the Vice President of Sales at Dimension Data (now NTT Data), Stewart brings invaluable insights and leadership to the newly formed organization.

Focus on Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services

Central to Altron Digital Business's portfolio is its Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services, a rapidly expanding segment within South Africa's IT landscape. With a remarkable growth rate of 25% annually, this offering underscores Altron's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its clientele.

Driving Business Transformation Through Innovation

Stewart emphasized the pivotal role of Altron Digital Business in driving business transformation for its customers. By offering comprehensive IT services tailored to enterprise needs, the company aims to empower organizations to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and embark on their digital journey with confidence.

Altron's Commitment to Talent Development

Recognizing the importance of bridging the skills gap in South Africa, Altron has taken proactive steps to invest in talent development initiatives. Through learnership and graduate programs, the company has created employment opportunities and contributed to addressing the country's skills deficit.

Altron's consolidation into Altron Digital Business marks a significant milestone in its journey towards delivering innovative digital solutions and fostering sustainable growth in the ever-evolving landscape of technology services.