Transforming Communication: Vodacom Lesotho's Strategic Partnership

In a transformative move for business communication in Lesotho, Telviva, a leading South African unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) company, has partnered with Vodacom Lesotho. This collaboration has resulted in the activation of the Vodacom One Connect business solution within the Vodacom network of Lesotho. Launched in October 2023, the Vodacom One Connect Lesotho is a cloud-based business communication tool designed to function as a terrestrial business phone, facilitating seamless work from any location globally.

Empowering Businesses with Cloud Technology

Telviva's CEO, David Meintjes, explains the pivotal role Telviva plays as a technology partner to Vodacom Lesotho. The collaboration includes a year-long technology transfer agreement aimed at deploying cutting-edge technology for businesses and government departments in Lesotho. By providing the platform to Vodacom Lesotho, Telviva enables the delivery of the One Connect business solution to businesses across Lesotho.

Revolutionizing Communication: Cloud PBX Unleashed

Vodacom Lesotho takes a bold step by introducing the first cloud PBX in Lesotho, a significant leap into the future of business communication. The cloud-based solution is a testament to the principles of the omnichannel, democratizing communication access for organizations, irrespective of their capacity to invest in traditional PBX systems. Meintjes emphasizes that the tool, backed by Telviva's UC&C functionality and integrated with Microsoft Teams, caters to the global shift towards remote work post-pandemic.

Telviva's UC&C Tool: The Technological Backbone

Meintjes sheds light on the technological backbone of the One Connect solution, emphasizing the role of Telviva's UC&C tool. The inclusion of a Microsoft Teams layer enhances the product's capabilities, offering users cloud-based UC&C functionality and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams when required.

Vodacom Lesotho's Vision: Beyond Telecommunications

CEO Mohale Ralebitso underscores the strategic significance of the One Connect solution in Vodacom Lesotho's broader vision. The company aims to transition from a telecommunications entity to a technology company, contributing to Lesotho's economic growth. Ralebitso highlights the goal of digitization across various sectors, from agriculture and social development to health services, safety, and financial services. The collaboration with Telviva aligns with Vodacom Lesotho's commitment to delivering integrated solutions that enhance efficiency and affordability in communication.

The Synergy with Telviva

Ralebitso expresses the synergy between Vodacom Lesotho and Telviva as rewarding, emphasizing the significance of synchronous communication that is not only affordable and accessible but also readily available. The One Connect solution stands as a milestone in Vodacom Lesotho's journey to usher in new possibilities through digitization, fostering economic development in Lesotho.

The strategic partnership between Telviva and Vodacom Lesotho marks a significant advancement in the realm of business communication. The One Connect business solution symbolizes the fusion of cutting-edge technology, affordability, and accessibility, reflecting the evolving landscape of communication in Lesotho's dynamic business environment.