Nurturing HealthTech Innovation Across Africa

In a bid to catalyze the growth of health technologies in Africa and expedite their integration into public health systems, The HealthTech Hub Africa unveils its innovative hybrid pan-African HealthTech Accelerator Program for 2024. Nestled in the vibrant co-working and community space of Kigali, Rwanda, this program stands as a beacon for healthtech startups across the continent.

Driving Impactful Health Innovations

The HealthTech Hub Africa thrives on collaborative efforts with government partners and global health funders. Its overarching mission is to aid African governments, particularly in addressing health challenges prevalent among low-income and underserved populations. Through immersive programs, mentorship, and public-private sector matchmaking, the accelerator seeks to transform innovative solutions into tangible public health impacts.

Growth Startups: Forging the Path to Positive Health Outcomes

Startups at the pre- or post-revenue stage, led by African founders, are at the heart of the accelerator. Operating within four thematic areas, these startups offer products or services designed for positive health benefits. As part of the cohort, these startups undergo a transformative journey—refining business models, validating solutions, and paving the way for integration into the public health sector.

Key Benefits for Growth Startups

- Expert Masterclasses: Delve into specialized masterclasses tailored for healthtech innovation.

- Community Support: Join a thriving community for peer learning and collaboration.

- Networking Opportunities: Engage in hybrid events and meetups spanning Africa.

- Impact Framework Access: Harness the power of the HealthTech Hub Africa Impact Framework.

- Visibility at HealthTech Summits: Showcase solutions and pitch at Kigali summits.

- Mentorship: Benefit from mentorship by seasoned experts in population health and technology.

- Strategic Partnership Development: Navigate national digital health strategies and cultivate public-private partnerships.

- Comprehensive Support Services: Access legal, accounting, marketing, talent acquisition, and fundraising services.

- Interoperability Standards Training: Learn digital interoperability standards for seamless public sector integration.

- Network Access: Tap into the HTHA public-private network for technology credits, advisory support, market access, and funding opportunities.

- Interactive Platform Access: Leverage an interactive platform for growth-level support and business model refinement.

Elevating Impact and Integration at Scale

For post-revenue startups operating within the four thematic areas, the accelerator offers a specialized track aimed at validating and seamlessly integrating solutions at scale into diverse public health systems across Africa.

Additional Benefits for Scaleups:

- Extended Benefits: Access all benefits offered to growth startups.

- Enhanced Media Exposure: Receive additional media training and exposure.

- Increased Investment Readiness Support: Strengthen readiness for accelerated fundraising.

- Holistic Support Services: Enjoy continued access to world-class legal, accounting, marketing, and talent acquisition services.

Application Deadline: December 11, 2023

As the HealthTech Hub Africa opens its doors to the future of health innovation, aspiring startups and scaleups have until December 11, 2023, to embark on a transformative journey that promises to reshape the healthtech landscape in Africa.