In the vibrant landscape of Nigerian entrepreneurship, where dreams take root and ambitions flourish, Eunice Sologidi stands out as a beacon of inspiration. The founder of Skills for Living MPCS LTD, Eunice has not only ventured into the world of leatherworks production but has also embarked on a mission to empower youth and women through skill development and enterprise.

Mission and Vision

At the heart of Skills for Living MPCS LTD lies a mission to equip every youth and woman with self-sustaining skills and enterprise. The vision is ambitious yet deeply impactful — leadership in positive societal mindset change through sustainable skills development training. The core values of sustainability, safety, innovation, respect, collaboration, and quality form the guiding principles that shape the soul of this enterprise.

The Genesis of an Idea

Eunice's journey into entrepreneurship was born out of necessity and a desire for something different. Faced with the challenges of finding a good job after school, she asked herself a pivotal question: "What can I do differently?" This reflection led her to the world of shoe making, a domain predominantly occupied by men. Undeterred, Eunice stepped into shoe production, and today, Skills for Living MPCS LTD resonates nationwide, having trained over 5000 youths and women.

Differentiation and Unique Value

The target market spans from the energetic youth to men aged 18 to 60. Understanding the unique needs of customers, Eunice caters to those who may struggle to find their size in the market, offering custom-made shoes. Additionally, pricing strategies ensure accessibility for a diverse customer base.

What sets Skills for Living MPCS LTD apart is a combination of competitive pricing, strategic location, quality footwear, and a commitment to building lasting relationships. The focus on quality and customer-centricity has been a cornerstone of the business.

Milestones and Achievements

The journey of Skills for Living MPCS LTD is adorned with milestones and achievements, including participation in the Step Up Program with the Delta State Governor, the Warri Leather Work Program, and collaborations with entities like the PIND Foundation. Key milestones include the establishment of the Step Up program, workforce expansion, strategic marketing initiatives, and the overall developmental and physical growth of the company.

Innovation and Future Growth

One significant hurdle was the scarcity of machines, a challenge that Eunice triumphed over by acquiring an array of machines, ensuring the smooth flow of production. To stay ahead of industry trends, Skills for Living MPCS LTD maintains a focus on continuous production, recognizing and rewarding workers, meticulous planning, operational efficiency, regular evaluation, and constant improvement. The long-term vision involves taking the business global within the next 5 to 6 years.

Words of Wisdom from Eunice

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Eunice offers valuable advice:

1. Persistence and Self-Trust: Believe in yourself and persist in your journey.

2. Sacrifice: Be prepared to make sacrifices for the success of your venture.

3. Mentorship: Seek guidance from mentors who can share their experiences.

4. Faith: Place trust in a higher power.

5. Action: Excite yourself and take that bold step to start your business.

6. Planning: Craft a detailed plan to guide your entrepreneurial journey.

Eunice Sologidi's story is not just one of entrepreneurship; it's a testament to resilience, vision, and the transformative power of empowering others through skill development. As Skills for Living MPCS LTD continues to make strides, Eunice stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for those who dare to dream and strive to make a difference.