In the heart of Nigeria, where dreams often meet barriers, Ubani Vivian Adaeze stands as a beacon of change. She is the founder of the Education Sustainability and Vocational Development Initiative (ESVDI), a national development organization dedicated to empowering one child, one school, one teacher, and one community to ensure equal access to educational opportunities. ESVDI's vision is rooted in reducing gender disparity in access to quality education and learning opportunities. Their mission is clear: to provide inclusive and equitable quality education to every African child in alignment with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 4.

ESVDI's work is steered by a set of core values:

1. Collaboration: Building partnerships that promote innovation, growth, and long-lasting impact.

2. Knowledge: Leveraging volunteering for development and maintaining quality standards through their programs.

3. Inclusion: Promoting equality in a diverse community through their work.

4. Integrity: Being open, transparent, and accountable in everything they do.

ESVDI employs a multi-faceted strategy to achieve its goals:

- Engaging Young People: By involving the youth in supporting sustainable development.

- Promoting Volunteering: Recognizing it as a powerful tool for achieving the UN SDGs.

- Collaboration: Deepening impact through programs and partnerships with other organizations.

Genesis of a Dream

Ubani's journey began with a burning desire to provide equal access to educational opportunities for young women and girls in Africa. The realization struck during her second year in university, where she observed a disheartening lack of interest in education among students. Thus, ESVDI was born, leveraging volunteer teaching programs to provide hands-on learning experiences for pre-service teachers while contributing to societal causes.

Services That Transform

ESVDI offers a range of services:

1. Mentorship: Providing guidance from skilled professionals for the holistic development of the youth.

2. Advocacy: Initiating awareness programs for sustainable development to influence decision-making.

3. Empowerment: Supporting students with resources to enhance learning and leadership.

4. Teachers Training: Offering capacity-building programs for educators to improve the quality of education.

5. Vocational Training: Ensuring people have relevant skills for employment and decent jobs.

Revenue Model

ESVDI sustains its impactful work through gifts, donations, and charities from individuals who believe in their cause. The initiative's focus is on youths, pre-service teachers, women, and girls in vulnerable communities.

Addressing Needs Strategically

ESVDI identifies the needs of its beneficiaries through comprehensive surveys, interviews, and monitoring strategies. They employ targeted programs to meet these needs and retain volunteers through incentives, awards, and professional development opportunities. What sets ESVDI apart is its commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Through the Global Education Ambassadors Program (GEAP), they create a global network of young changemakers shaping the future of education.

Innovations in Action

Since its inception, ESVDI has achieved significant milestones, including hosting the first-ever United Nations Global conversation in two states, impacting over 7000 youths with digital literacy skills, and receiving recognition for its work. Funding and youth participation attitudes pose challenges, but ESVDI navigates them by seeking partnerships and conducting advocacy programs. ESVDI innovates through design thinking, utilizing technology and social media networks even with limited funding. Their impact extends to over 7000 individuals across seven African countries.

Future Projects and Long-term Vision

ESVDI sees human capital development as vital for sustainable development. Advocacy campaigns aim to influence policies that address the needs of vulnerable youths, fulfilling their social responsibility. Exciting projects are on the horizon for ESVDI, aligning with their core objectives. Their vision includes a world where more youths are passionate about teaching, and over 70% of women and girls have digital literacy skills.

Words of Wisdom

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Ubani Vivian Adaeze emphasizes consistency and letting passion fuel the journey for social change.

Ubani Vivian Adaeze and ESVDI are not just transforming lives; they are architects of a future where education is a right, not a privilege. They stand as a testament to the power of passion, persistence, and a vision for a better tomorrow.