“It’s not you, it’s me.” What a dreaded cliché! What if I told you that in this context, I truly meant it? Hear me out, okay? Good.

Re-branding is a natural process in the growth of a business. A business’ environment is dynamic, always changing and one cannot afford to be left behind if they are to remain relevant. It’s very easy—especially in the professional industry—to be so consumed by routine, that we don’t take time to monitor the changing needs of our target market.
What people don’t usually confess, is that, re-branding is often a scary process as well. It forces the entire team to ask themselves the tough questions. What does your firm offer that sets you apart? What impact do you have in the community you live in? If your firm or company was to collapse today, what legacy would you leave behind? You see the kind of heavy stuff I’m talking about?

To effectively build your brand, one must start internally. All personnel must understand what the company is about, its advantage over competitors and customers understanding of the brand: but, believe me, it is not always as easy as it sounds.

This is where we found ourselves as TheFounder Group. Since its inception in 2015, the organization had grown to include more products, not just the TheFounder Magazine; TheFounder Entrepreneurship Forum (TEFO), Founder of the Year Award (FOYA) as well as many more exciting upcoming content were in development, all in line with the original idea of helping the youth start, run and grow businesses.

As time went by, we realized that the challenge of unemployment faced in Kenya were unfortunately the same ones faced in the rest of Africa. The deeply entrenched roots of poverty are spread throughout our continent and over-reliance on external passive salvation had gotten us nowhere.

I can only describe what came after this realization as a fervent, almost tangible, desperation to find a sustainable solution. So we answered the tough questions and set ourselves on a journey to become the multilevel platform that would create employment, eradicate poverty and make Kenya and Africa self-sustainable by helping the youth start run and grow businesses.

One of the things that stared us right in our faces was the question of whether or not our brand visibility was where we wanted it. Once we had the strategy and the skills on board, it became apparent that our visual identity would need to be realigned to reflect the boldness of the vision we held. It therefore only made sense that the decision to develop a new logo was made.


Today we proudly unveil our new logo. It is a special day for us as TheFounder Group because during the process of developing this logo, we have felt an unanticipated re-energized aura within the team. Perhaps it’s because it is visual evidence of how re-branding has forced us to look more closely into who we are as a company… Or maybe it’s not really that deep and it’s just because we love how cool it looks!

All in all, re-branding ensures that a firm looks within and reevaluates its sense of purpose. It’s bigger than what people on the outside see. As an organization, it demands that we take responsibility of our image and say, “It’s about me!” If we are honest in this process, we move past the fear and provide a genuine voice that other people will relate to.
I didn’t say it’s easy, but it sure is worth it!

Fiona Mwambu, Head of Communications at TheFounder Group