Meet Mary Sebastine Bruno, the founder of Topmiles Craft, a pioneering company in the leather-work industry, hailing from Benin City, Nigeria. Mary established her venture in 2018, driven by a vision to create quality, affordable, and stylish footwear by ingeniously repurposing used tires. This entrepreneurial journey is not just about business but also about empowerment and sustainability.

Topmiles Craft's core mission is twofold: to provide exceptional products and services through the creative transformation of used tires into fashionable and durable footwear, and to empower unemployed youth and women with essential skills through their skill development programs. The company's vision is to become a leading footwear brand known for offering high-quality, unique products and services at an affordable cost.

Inspiration struck Mary when she realized that discarded tires, considered waste, could be the foundation for affordable and comfortable footwear that caters to all classes in society. By repurposing these tires, Topmiles Craft bridges the gap between the high and low-income segments, offering a sustainable and stylish alternative.

What sets Topmiles Craft apart from its competitors is its commitment to creating quality, fashionable, and affordable footwear by recycling used tires, thus making it accessible to a wider audience. This unique value proposition has allowed the company to carve out a niche in the industry.

The journey has not been without challenges. Securing sufficient funds and machinery was a hurdle, but Mary and her team found innovative ways to manage these limitations. They introduced additional products that didn't require significant capital investment, helping them raise funds and meet customer demands.

To stay ahead in the industry, Topmiles Craft prioritizes innovation. Their creative approach revolves around crafting unique products from waste materials, ensuring that their offerings remain fresh and exciting.

Looking to the future, Mary's long-term vision for her business extends beyond footwear. She aims to build the largest entrepreneurship hub in Africa, where both educated and uneducated individuals can receive training and acquire valuable skills. Her goal is to empower and equip a new generation of entrepreneurs with the tools they need for success.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Mary's advice is simple yet profound: Find your purpose and venture purposefully. She emphasizes the importance of understanding one's calling and directing energy and focus toward building a meaningful career. In her journey, she found her purpose, and that determination has driven the success of Topmiles Craft.