Absa Bank Kenya and Visa have joined forces to introduce the Visa Commercial Choice Programme, an innovative "Corporate Card" solution tailored for members of the Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA). This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionize payment processes for travel agents, offering enhanced flexibility and improved cash flow management capabilities.

Empowering Travel Agents with Enhanced Payment Solutions

The partnership between Absa Bank Kenya and Visa signifies a milestone in empowering businesses, particularly travel agents, with advanced payment solutions. The Visa Commercial Choice Programme facilitates seamless B2B transactions, enabling travel agents to optimize working capital management and streamline operational processes.

Innovation in Payment Technology

The introduction of the Absa Mobi Tap, a pioneering payment solution, underscores the commitment of Absa Bank Kenya and Visa to drive innovation in payment technology. This first-to-market solution empowers small businesses to accept card payments via Android smartphones, enhancing convenience and accessibility for clients.

Enhanced Corporate Visa Card Features

The revamped Absa Corporate Visa Card offers a suite of new features and enhanced flexibility to address the evolving needs of businesses. With support for seamless payments in both Kenyan Shillings and US dollars, travel agents gain unprecedented convenience and versatility in managing transactions.

Streamlined Operations and Expense Management

Through the Visa Commercial Pay Virtual Card Platform, travel agents can automate booking processes and leverage advanced tools for data management and reconciliation. This initiative not only streamlines operations but also provides businesses with greater visibility and control over expenses and employee-initiated payments.

Commitment to Digital Inclusion

Moses Muthui, Absa Bank's consumer banking director, emphasizes the collaborative effort to empower businesses and accelerate digital inclusion through innovative payment solutions. This strategic partnership reflects the shared commitment of Absa Bank Kenya and Visa to drive progress and enable businesses to thrive in a digital-first economy.

Ongoing Digital Initiatives

In alignment with its digitization agenda, Absa Bank Kenya recently launched WhatsApp banking, further enhancing convenience and accessibility for customers. Additionally, the bank's collaboration with Huawei aims to overcome traditional networking limitations, fostering digital enablement through advanced SD-WAN solutions.

The strategic partnership between Absa Bank Kenya and Visa marks a significant step forward in transforming business payments and driving digital innovation in Kenya's financial landscape. With a focus on empowering businesses, enhancing efficiency, and promoting digital inclusion, this collaboration underscores the commitment of both entities to drive sustainable growth and prosperity in the region.