Sawa Energy is at the forefront of revolutionizing energy access for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across East Africa. By operating in Rwanda and Uganda, the company is breaking barriers and making solar power and energy-efficient solutions accessible and affordable.

Innovative Approach: A Comprehensive Solution

Launched in 2021, Sawa Energy goes beyond merely supplying energy; it takes on the construction, ownership, and operation of solar systems for its clients. This unique approach not only saves clients significant costs but also shields them from fluctuations in electricity prices, ensuring stability and reliability in energy supply.

Leading East Africa's Solar Revolution

With a bold vision to become East Africa's leading private solar energy provider by 2030, Sawa Energy is committed to fostering a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. CEO and co-founder Samuel Kaufman emphasizes the company's core objectives, including forging strong partnerships, minimizing emissions, and delivering substantial returns to investors.

Eliminating Financial and Operational Hurdles

Sawa Energy distinguishes itself by eliminating the financial and operational barriers associated with adopting solar energy. By providing comprehensive energy solutions without any initial costs or ongoing fees for operation and maintenance, the company makes the transition to clean, cost-effective energy seamless and hassle-free for businesses.

Recognizing Innovation and Impact

Renew Capital, represented by Blessing Layee-Maima Caine, serves as an investment partner for Sawa Energy. Praising the company's innovative approach, Renew Capital is enthusiastic about supporting Sawa Energy's mission to enable businesses to thrive sustainably and cost-effectively. This partnership underscores the recognition of Sawa Energy's potential to drive positive change in the energy sector.

Pioneering Sustainable Growth

As Sawa Energy secures funding to boost expansion in East Africa, it paves the way for a brighter and more sustainable future. By providing accessible and affordable energy solutions, the company not only empowers SMEs but also contributes to the region's economic growth and environmental preservation. Sawa Energy's commitment to innovation and impact sets a benchmark for transformative change in the energy landscape of East Africa.