A Visionary Leap Forward

Egyptian B2B healthtech startup, 30Med, led by the visionary entrepreneur Dr. Ayman Ragab, has reached a significant milestone in its journey towards reshaping healthcare education. With a strong focus on bridging the gap between pharmaceutical companies and physicians, 30Med utilizes innovative methods to revolutionize medical education.

A Catalyst for Growth

The recent pre-seed funding round, sourced from undisclosed angel investors, marks a pivotal moment for 30Med. This infusion of capital not only validates the company's mission but also provides the necessary resources to propel its growth and innovation initiatives forward.

Reinventing Medical Education Dynamics

30Med's platform offers a dynamic approach to medical education, leveraging interactive videos and conference events to keep physicians abreast of the latest advancements in medicine and pharmaceuticals. Through strategic partnerships with prominent pharmaceutical companies in Egypt, 30Med is reshaping the landscape of medical information dissemination.

Pioneering Partnerships and User Traction

Beyond securing funding, 30Med has already garnered significant traction within the medical community. Boasting a substantial user base of physicians eager to enhance their knowledge, the platform's strategic alliances underscore its commitment to revolutionizing medical education.

Accelerating Towards the Future

Dr. Ayman Ragab, CEO of 30Med, expresses excitement about the successful completion of the pre-seed funding round, highlighting its role in accelerating the company's efforts towards transforming medical education. As 30Med continues to evolve, its commitment to empowering physicians remains unwavering, ensuring they stay ahead in the dynamic healthcare landscape.