Revolutionizing Multimedia Content Processing with AI

Imaginario AI, a Tunisian startup at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) in multimedia content processing, has successfully closed a $1 million pre-seed funding round. This strategic investment, led by 216 Capital and joined by Blue Lake VC, Earthling Ventures, Comcast NBCUniversal, Techstars, and a group of business angels, positions Imaginario AI for international expansion and technological advancement.

Powerhouse AI for Multimedia Content

Imaginario AI disrupts the conventional methods of handling video and audio content through the application of robust AI technology. The startup boasts a powerful AI-powered API and platform capable of efficiently processing large volumes of data. This innovation simplifies and accelerates the creation and understanding of multimedia content, catering to the needs of marketers and content creators. Major industry players, including Warner Bros. Discovery, Universal Pictures, and Cineverse, have already embraced Imaginario AI's transformative solutions.

Founders with a Legacy in AI and Video Expertise

Founded in 2021 by industry experts with a combined experience of over 25 years in video and multimodal AI, Imaginario AI brings a wealth of knowledge to its innovative approach. José M. Puga, CEO, has a proven track record in managing the creation and growth of video services for prestigious companies like the BBC and Warner Bros Discovery. Abdelhak Loukkal, CTO, leverages his expertise in AI solutions developed for robotics and autonomous driving, which have been utilized by Softbank Robotics and Renault.

Funding for Global Expansion

The $1 million pre-seed investment serves as a catalyst for Imaginario AI's global expansion plans. The startup aims to consolidate its development efforts and scale its engineering and sales teams across the USA, Europe, and the MENA region, with Tunisia serving as a key hub.

"Dhekra Khelifi, partner at 216 Capital, emphasizes, “Imaginario is responding to an increasingly urgent challenge in the video content industry. It was important for us to generate interest in Tunisia with Imaginario so that they could see it as an access point to the MENA market. The Tunisian talent specialized in AI recruited by Imaginario will be decisive in the startup’s success, along with the leadership and expertise of José and Abdelhak and their exceptional knowledge of the market.”

Accelerating Business Development

Currently benefiting from the Techstars Comcast Lift Labs Accelerator, Imaginario AI is already accelerating its business development initiatives. The successful pre-seed funding round positions the startup for further growth, with plans for a seed round of investment in 2024 to raise an additional $2 million.

Imaginario AI stands as a testament to the capabilities of Tunisian talent in the realm of AI, showcasing the potential for international experience within a startup leading technological innovation in artificial intelligence.