Embarking on a mission to foster entrepreneurship and innovation, the Jasiri Talent Investor Program is now accepting applications for its sixth cohort. This fully funded 13-month program is designed to discover and invest in young East African entrepreneurs who hold the potential to create high-impact businesses. With a focus on comprehensive, long-term support, the program aims to nurture entrepreneurs, allowing them the time and resources needed to identify Market-Creating Innovations and achieve product-market fit.

Overview of Jasiri Talent Investor Program

Dedicated to providing a conducive environment for entrepreneurial success, the Jasiri Talent Investor Program follows a competency-based approach. By identifying and nurturing entrepreneurs, the program seeks to address challenges and developmental needs, removing systemic barriers that hinder progress at individual, team, business, and financial levels.

Program Structure and Objectives

The program is structured to eliminate hindrances at multiple levels and is committed to creating a supportive environment for entrepreneurial growth. The primary objectives include:

- Identifying and investing in promising entrepreneurs

- Removing systemic barriers that impede progress

- Fostering a comprehensive, long-term approach to nurture entrepreneurs

- Allowing fellows the time and resources to identify Market-Creating Innovations

Application Requirements

Jasiri Talent Investor Program 2024

To be eligible for the Jasiri Talent Investor Program, applicants must meet specific criteria, including:

- Determination to create a new and innovative business with potential for rapid growth

- Ability to identify gaps and recognize opportunities in any sector

- A history of achievement, problem-solving, and value creation

- Informed and knowledgeable in the professional field or area of expertise

- Team player mentality, open to building ventures from scratch with co-founders

- Citizenship of Ethiopia, Kenya, or Rwanda, residing in the respective country or diaspora

- Commitment to building the venture on a full-time basis and active participation in all program phases

- Strong encouragement for women aspiring entrepreneurs to apply

Selection Criteria

Jasiri follows a competency-based approach in selecting and developing aspiring entrepreneurs. The selection process involves multiple stages, including applications, psychometrics, and an online Selection Conference. This rigorous process aims to recruit high-potential entrepreneurs for the Jasiri Talent Investor, providing them with support to identify equally ambitious co-founders and develop Market-Creating Innovations.

If you aspire to make a mark in the entrepreneurial landscape, the Jasiri Talent Investor Program could be your gateway to success. Apply now and unleash your entrepreneurial potential [LINK]