Empowering African Tech Startups

African tech startups are invited to seize the opportunity to participate in the investment showcase at Africa Tech Summit (ATS) London, set to take place in June. This prestigious event, now in its eighth edition, serves as a catalyst for driving business and investment opportunities across the continent.

Africa Tech Summit London

ATS London is a premier tech conference that serves as a hub for networking and insights within the African tech ecosystem. Scheduled for June 7 at the prestigious London Stock Exchange, this event brings together key stakeholders including tech leaders, mobile network operators (MNOs), banks, international investors, entrepreneurs, governments, and media.

A Gateway to Growth

The investment showcase at ATS London offers African tech startups unparalleled opportunities to showcase their business models to investors and potential partners. By participating in this showcase, startups can gain exposure, forge valuable connections, and secure funding to fuel their expansion.

Selected ventures not only gain access to extensive networking opportunities but also feature prominently in the investment deal-book. This increased visibility enhances their prospects of attracting potential investors and strategic partners, paving the way for accelerated growth and success.

Criteria for Participation

To qualify for the investment showcase, startups must meet specific criteria. They must be African-based, with at least one African co-founder or headquartered in Africa. Additionally, they should offer an innovative product or service designed for scalability. Startups must also be prepared to deliver in-person presentations at the summit.

Application Process

Applications for the investment showcase are now open and will remain so until May 2. Interested startups can apply here and seize the opportunity to elevate their profile, attract investment, and propel their journey towards success.

Seizing the Opportunity

Africa Tech Summit London investment showcase represents a gateway to growth and opportunity for African tech startups. By participating in this prestigious event, startups can leverage invaluable connections, secure funding, and accelerate their path to success in the dynamic landscape of African tech innovation.