In a significant move aimed at bolstering the Tunisian startup ecosystem, Maxula Gestion, through its seed fund, Startup Maxula Seed Fund, has forged a partnership with the innovative startup "Tunisian Identity Online."

Tunisian Identity Online: Pioneering IT Development

Founded by two dynamic engineers, Karim Jebali and Wael Kassis, Tunisian Identity Online has positioned itself as a certified Tunisian startup specializing in cutting-edge IT development. The startup's commitment to excellence is reflected in its skilled and dedicated team, which has successfully brought to life a survey platform known as "Pollcash."

Pollcash: Revolutionizing Customer Surveys with AI

Pollcash is more than just a survey platform; it's a sophisticated tool designed to gather accurate and reliable data on customer preferences and market trends. What sets it apart is its integration with artificial intelligence (AI) and a unique user rewards system. This combination ensures a dynamic and engaging approach to collecting valuable insights.

Funding Injection: Catalyst for Development and Market Entry

Maxula Gestion's investment comes as a timely boost for Tunisian Identity Online. The injection of funds will empower the startup to finalize its development phase and execute a robust marketing strategy for a successful market entry. This financial support is poised to redefine the landscape of customer satisfaction surveys and polls, creating a ripple effect in the industry.

Shared Vision for Growth

The collaboration between Maxula Gestion and Tunisian Identity Online goes beyond mere financial support; it signifies a shared vision for growth. The trust and commitment demonstrated by both partners underscore their dedication to contributing to the national digitalization effort. This partnership serves as a testament to the potential within Tunisia's startup ecosystem.

As Maxula Gestion reinforces its commitment to fostering innovation through Startup Maxula Seed Fund, the investment in Tunisian Identity Online emerges as a strategic move with far-reaching implications. The fusion of technology, data-driven insights, and financial backing sets the stage for a transformative journey.