Payaza Africa Limited, a leading provider of comprehensive payment solutions for businesses across Africa, has unveiled its upgraded Payaza 2.0 platform. This launch includes a refreshed visual identity, a revamped website, and an upgraded web app interface, reflecting Payaza's commitment to innovation and enhancing user experience.

New Visual Identity and Branding

The rebranding effort includes new primary colors—Indigo and Screaming Green—which embody Payaza’s vibrant energy and innovative spirit. This new visual identity aims to make the brand more recognizable and appealing to its diverse user base.

Stride by Payaza

One of the major highlights of Payaza 2.0 is the introduction of Stride by Payaza, a platform designed to simplify international tuition payments for African students. This service aims to make the process of paying for education abroad more seamless and efficient.


Another significant addition is EventPorte, a modern ticketing platform that enhances event management and promotion. This tool is set to revolutionize how events are organized and attended across the continent.

Payaza SME Summit

To mark the launch, Payaza hosted the Payaza SME Summit, an event dedicated to empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The summit demonstrated how Payaza’s solutions can drive business growth and efficiency. Attendees gained valuable insights and witnessed platform demonstrations, with select businesses winning N2 million in funding or free website development.

Payaza Developers Circle

Another significant event was the Payaza Developers Circle, aimed at engaging and inspiring developers. This event included an in-depth exploration of the platform’s technology, promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Participants were given hands-on experience and a code challenge, with lucky winners walking away with up to N1 million in prize money.

Commitment to Innovation and Community Building

Philip Akindele, Payaza’s Chief Technology Officer, emphasized the company's goal to foster a community of innovative developers who can leverage Payaza’s tools to create impactful solutions. Both events underscore Payaza’s dedication to fostering growth and innovation within the African business and tech ecosystems.

Statements from Leadership

Shola Asiru, Global Head of Branding and Communications, stated, “Our rebrand is more than just a fresh look, it’s a promise to continue delivering exceptional payment solutions that empower businesses across Africa. Our goal is to make payment seamless and accessible for everyone, and we believe Payaza 2.0 is a significant step towards achieving that goal.”

Comprehensive Payment Solutions

Payaza’s suite of services encompasses both online and in-person payment capabilities, ensuring that businesses can seamlessly send and receive payments with ease and security. The platform streamlines transactions and enhances financial operations, making it a robust solution for businesses of all sizes across Africa.