Royal Air Maroc, Morocco’s flagship carrier, and CDG Group, a state-owned financial institution, have signed a strategic partnership to enhance TravelTech innovation in Morocco. This collaboration aims to support local startups and develop cutting-edge solutions tailored to the tourism industry, particularly in preparation for the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

Objectives of the Partnership

The primary goal of this partnership is to nurture promising Moroccan startups, providing them with the expertise and resources needed to innovate within the TravelTech sector. This initiative is particularly timely as Morocco prepares to co-host the 2030 FIFA World Cup alongside Spain and Portugal.

Combined Expertise and Support Programs

Startups involved in this program will benefit from the combined knowledge and resources of Royal Air Maroc, CDG, and the International University of Rabat (UIR). The support framework includes:

Incubation and Innovation Programs

  • RAM Digital Open Innovation Program: Royal Air Maroc’s initiative to foster digital innovation.
  • CDG and UIR Insights: Professional insights and mentorship from CDG and UIR experts.

Educational and Research Contributions

  • JobInTech Graduates: Leveraging skills and knowledge from graduates of the JobInTech program.
  • UIR Researchers and Engineering Students: Involvement of researchers and students in developing innovative solutions.

Financial Support

  • 212 Founders Program: Funding opportunities through CDG Invest’s state program aimed at supporting the creation of competitive startups in Morocco and Africa.

Signing Ceremony

The partnership agreement was signed at Royal Air Maroc’s headquarters in Casablanca, attended by notable figures including:

  • Hamid Addou: CEO of Royal Air Maroc
  • Khalid Safir: CEO of CDG
  • Noureddine Mouaddib: President of UIR
  • Yassine Abderrazik Haddaoui: CEO of CDG Invest

Announcement and Strategic Goals

Announced during Gitex Africa in Marrakech, this alliance is set to lay the foundation for a dynamic TravelTech ecosystem in Morocco. The initiative focuses on two main objectives:

  1. Supporting Moroccan Startups: Providing support for startups both locally and internationally within the TravelTech sector.
  2. Promoting TravelTech Development: Advancing the TravelTech industry in Morocco.

Statements from Key Leaders

Hamid Addou, CEO of Royal Air Maroc

“We are proud to lay the foundations for a future dynamic Moroccan TravelTech ecosystem. Royal Air Maroc will fully support this exceptional partnership by enhancing and adapting its digital innovation programs. This collaboration will undoubtedly accelerate Morocco’s digital transformation and strengthen our capabilities in preparation for the 2030 FIFA World Cup.”

Khalid Safir, CEO of CDG

“This partnership aligns with the core mission of CDG Group, an institution dedicated to Morocco’s economic and social progress. We are committed to promoting TravelTech and supporting innovative young Moroccan entrepreneurs by enhancing our financing and support mechanisms for startups. We believe this partnership will contribute significantly to the emergence and growth of a national TravelTech ecosystem, aligned with Morocco’s ambitions for the 2030 FIFA World Cup.”