Defendis, a groundbreaking Moroccan cybersecurity startup, has launched its AI-powered Cyber Threat Intelligence platform at GITEX Africa. Emerging from stealth mode, Defendis aims to revolutionize how organizations contain data leaks and neutralize cyberattacks.

Beyond Traditional Threat Intelligence

Defendis's platform goes beyond conventional Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) by offering advanced capabilities to banks, government agencies, and businesses. It enables these entities to understand and anticipate cybercriminal activities before an attack occurs.

Advanced Threat Detection

The platform leverages artificial intelligence to detect a wide range of cyber threats, including:

  • Credentials and Payment Card Leaks: Identifies compromised data to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Asset Vulnerabilities: Scans for weaknesses in systems to bolster defenses.
  • Phishing Attacks: Detects and neutralizes phishing attempts before they can harm.
  • Fraudulent Domains: Identifies and mitigates risks from fake websites.
  • Online Brand Impersonation: Protects against unauthorized use of brand identity.

Empowering Organizations with Limited Resources

"Our mission is to provide organizations, especially those with limited resources and capabilities, with advanced cybersecurity solutions to adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape and regulatory requirements," says Amine Bajeddi, co-founder and CEO of Defendis.

Talented Moroccan Entrepreneurs

Defendis was founded by a team of young, passionate Moroccan entrepreneurs dedicated to advancing cybersecurity.

Amine Bajeddi, Co-founder and CEO

A graduate of Al Akhawayn University in Morocco and the University of Sussex in the UK, Amine Bajeddi has a strong background in product development and business strategy. His commitment to developing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions drives Defendis's mission.

Charafeddine Nassiri, Co-founder and CTO

Charafeddine Nassiri, a cybersecurity enthusiast since the age of 15, has identified and fixed over 1,114 vulnerabilities through bug bounty programs. As a self-taught expert and former cybersecurity consultant, he now leads Defendis's technical innovations as CTO.

Marouane Sabri, Co-founder and CMO

With a degree in communication from Al Akhawayn University and a master’s in digital marketing from the University of Southampton, Marouane Sabri has extensive experience in marketing and business development. He has held key positions at Avito and Garena, and now spearheads marketing and communication efforts at Defendis.