In a significant move to enhance cloud computing capabilities in Africa, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has joined forces with Orange Middle East & Africa (OMEA) to introduce AWS Wavelength to Morocco and Senegal. This partnership, announced recently, marks the first deployment of AWS services in regions lacking physical AWS infrastructure, leveraging Orange's data centers for local data processing and storage.

Revolutionizing Cloud Computing in Africa

AWS Wavelength seamlessly integrates AWS compute and storage services within telecom providers' data centers at the edge of the 5G network. This setup significantly reduces latency and allows customers to access AWS services while maintaining data residency. The initiative is crucial for industries such as telecom, finance, healthcare, and the public sector, which must comply with strict data residency regulations.

Jan Hofmeyr, Vice President of EC2 Edge at AWS, emphasized the collaboration's impact:
"Customers of all sizes and industries in Morocco and Senegal will be able to access local AWS compute and storage for data residency, low latency, and security needs for applications across real-time gaming and regulated industries, helping customers unlock new innovation and accelerate digital transformation."

Meeting the Growing Demand for Cloud Services

The African cloud market is rapidly expanding, with the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) sectors projected to grow by 18% annually, reaching $13 billion by 2028 (McKinsey). This growth is fueled by increasing demand from sectors like banking, telecom, and healthcare for robust, secure local data hosting solutions.

Benefits for Businesses and Organizations

The new AWS Wavelength Zones in Morocco and Senegal will empower startups, enterprises, and public organizations to utilize AWS services for digital transformation. By processing and storing data locally, businesses can ensure compliance with data residency regulations while enjoying the scalability, security, and reliability of AWS.

Enhancing Local Innovation and Connectivity

The AWS and Orange partnership aims to drive innovation and digital transformation across Africa.

Jérôme Hénique, CEO of Orange Middle East and Africa, highlighted the initiative's importance:
"The announcement of AWS Wavelength Zones for North & West Africa is a major achievement in our strategy to foster the cloud transformation of African businesses. We are providing the benefits of AWS to Moroccan and Senegalese organizations, from SMBs to MNCs, while ensuring data residency in secure Orange Datacenters in combination with our best-in-class connectivity solutions."

Supporting a Diverse Range of Applications

AWS Wavelength enables developers to support various applications, from real-time gaming to high-trust, regulated industries. The deployment of AWS Wavelength Zones will provide local businesses with access to advanced cloud services, fostering innovation and enhancing global competitiveness.

Example: Swarmio

Swarmio, a telco-grade gaming technology provider, is one of the companies set to benefit from AWS Wavelength.

Vijai Karthigesu, CEO and Founder of Swarmio, noted the importance of low-latency cloud services for the gaming community:
"AWS Wavelength will help us transform the worldwide gaming landscape by combining the power of AWS with our Swarmio Edge platform to provide an unmatched, low-latency experience that allows creators to connect and delights global game publishers and developers."