Founded in 2020 by Zambian entrepreneur Samuel Koji, Worthlit is a non-governmental organization dedicated to fostering community development, health promotion, and general wellness across Zambia. From its inception, Worthlit has been driven by a mission to uplift and empower the most vulnerable members of society.

Inception and Mission

Mission: Worthlit aims to enhance the quality of life in Zambian communities by addressing health issues, promoting social and behavioral change, and supporting community development initiatives.

Vision: Worthlit envisions a society where individuals, especially the most vulnerable, are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and resources to lead healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives.

Core Values: The organization is grounded in values of empathy, resilience, empowerment, and community spirit.

Business Overview

Worthlit is a Zambian NGO founded by young professionals from diverse backgrounds, including former addicts who are now trained counselors, health practitioners, educators, entrepreneurs, engineers, community developers, and artists. Established in Kasama Town, Northern Province of Zambia in 2016 and officially registered in April 2018, Worthlit focuses on three primary areas:

  1. Health Promotion: Through addiction and general counseling, health education, and social behavioral change initiatives aimed at preventing communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  2. Community Development and Household Resilience: Providing vocational and entrepreneurial skills training, creating income-generating activities, and improving agricultural practices through technology.
  3. General Wellness Outreach: Supporting the elderly, terminally ill, disabled, street kids, widows, orphans, and inmates, and advocating for income-generating activities for these vulnerable groups.

Products and Services

Health Education: Worthlit conducts health and wellness education in training institutions, workplaces, and communities. They provide a counseling resource center specializing in trauma, addiction, and marriage counseling. Training in counseling skills is also offered. The organization targets all age groups, educating them on how their lifestyles impact their health, aiming to reduce the disease burden in communities.

Community Development: The organization trains community members in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and vocational skills. They promote youth talents and skills, help communities create their own income-generating activities, and teach improved agricultural practices.

Community Wellness Outreach: Worthlit conducts charitable works to support the most vulnerable members of society, including the elderly, widows, orphans, street kids, disabled, terminally ill, and inmates.

Revenue Generation and Sustainability

Worthlit sustains its operations through web and graphic design services. This business model not only generates revenue but also provides practical skills and employment opportunities for the youth they train. By leveraging their expertise in web and graphic design, they create a steady stream of income that supports their various initiatives.

Success Stories

Worthlit's impact is evident in the success stories of the individuals and communities they serve. Notable achievements include:

  • Facilitating the enrollment of 15 youth (male and female) into vocational training programs at Kasama Skills in Food Production, Web & Graphic Design, and Bricklaying.
  • Empowering their Executive Director with intensive General Agriculture training at Zambia College of Agriculture in Mpika, enabling her to teach valuable agricultural skills to communities, particularly youth and vulnerable women.

Marketing and Promotional Strategies

To reach and engage their target audience, Worthlit employs a range of marketing and promotional strategies, including:

  • Collaboration with Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC): This partnership has enabled them to reach villages, schools, and townships in Kasama with health education and addiction counseling.
  • Church Engagement: Conducting health education and group counseling sessions in churches.
  • Radio Shows: Utilizing local radio to disseminate health education and promote their services.
  • Weekly Newspaper Articles: Publishing articles in local newspapers to raise awareness and educate the public on various health and wellness topics.

Challenges and Overcoming Them

Like any growing organization, Worthlit has faced its share of challenges. One significant hurdle has been establishing credibility and gaining the trust of the community. To overcome skepticism and build a positive reputation, Worthlit focused on transparency, consistent engagement, and demonstrating tangible results through their programs.

Another challenge has been securing sufficient funding to support their initiatives. By diversifying their revenue streams through web and graphic design services, Worthlit has managed to create a sustainable business model that supports their core mission.

Future Vision

Samuel Koji's vision for Worthlit is to see the organization at the forefront of community development and health promotion in Zambia. He envisions a future where Worthlit's impact is felt across the nation, with communities transformed and individuals empowered to lead healthier, more productive lives. The long-term goals include expanding their services to more regions, enhancing their vocational training programs, and deepening their engagement with vulnerable populations.