In a significant move poised to transform the Middle East's food industry landscape, Egypt's agri-food product provider, MAFI, has inked groundbreaking contracts with leading international technology solution providers. The collaborative effort, backed by investments amounting to $300 million, will culminate in the establishment of the region's largest food industries park.

Visionary Partnerships with Global Giants

MAFI's visionary project has garnered the support of global industry leaders, including JBT Corporation, GEA Group, and Cabinplant. These strategic partnerships underscore a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology solutions in the food sector.

The Grand Project: Unveiling the Food Industries Park

The expansive food industries park is earmarked for development on a sprawling 154,000-square-meter expanse in Sadat City, Egypt. This strategic location sets the stage for a monumental venture that will redefine the region's agri-food landscape.

Key Features

The park's blueprint envisions the establishment of five state-of-the-art factories, each equipped with advanced technologies to streamline food production processes. In its initial phase, the park aims to yield over 100,000 tons of agricultural products annually. This ambitious output is poised to meet local demand while setting the stage for substantial export capabilities.Beyond production metrics, MAFI's Chairman, Ahmed Abou Hashima, envisions the project as a robust economic catalyst. The venture is expected to generate more than 7,000 direct and indirect job opportunities, contributing to the region's socio-economic development.

Export-Oriented Growth Strategy

A distinctive feature of the project is its resolute focus on global market penetration. With aspirations to export over 80% of its production, the initiative aims to strike a balance between imports and exports, bolstering Egypt's economic standing on the global stage.

MAFI's Endeavor in Shaping the Future

MAFI's strategic alliances with industry giants and its ambitious investment in the Middle East's largest food industries park underscore a forward-looking approach. As the project unfolds, it is poised to not only redefine the regional food industry but also contribute significantly to employment, economic growth, and global trade. MAFI's visionary endeavor stands as a testament to the potential for transformative initiatives in the agri-food sector.