Early-stage venture capital firm Launch Africa Ventures has made significant strides with its second fund, investing a total of $4.3 million across 16 startups in various African countries. This initiative continues the firm’s mission to nurture technology-driven ventures and strengthen the African startup ecosystem.

Founding and Initial Success

Founded in July 2020 by Zachariah George and Janade du Plessis, with Margaret O’Connor serving as chairperson, Launch Africa Ventures quickly established itself as a prominent player in the African venture capital landscape. The firm closed its first fund, Launch Africa Ventures Fund 1, in March 2022, raising $36.3 million from 238 investors across 40 countries.

Ongoing Commitment

With the second fund, Launch Africa Ventures reiterates its dedication to fostering the growth of Africa’s top technology-driven ventures. The firm aims to help these startups become market leaders in their respective industries. "As one of the most active pan-African investors since 2020, we are committed to the growing African VC and startup ecosystem, remaining a top-performing, value-adding, and founder-friendly investor," the company stated.

Investment Philosophy

The second fund focuses on startups that exemplify founder diversity, sector strength, market opportunities, and geographic reach. So far, Launch Africa Ventures has allocated $4.3 million to 16 startups across 11 African countries, supporting a variety of market-leading opportunities.

Highlighted Investments

South Africa

  • Servisor: A car service marketplace streamlining vehicle maintenance services.
  • Credit Circuit: A working capital service aimed at enhancing business liquidity.
  • Shiprazor: A logistics platform optimizing supply chain solutions.


  • Lengo: An FMCG insights platform providing valuable market data.
  • Paps: A logistics service improving delivery efficiency.
  • Solarbox: An energy company focused on sustainable power solutions.


  • Logistify: An inventory tracking platform enhancing supply chain transparency.
  • Octavia Carbon: A direct air capture company addressing climate change.


  • Periculum: A data management startup revolutionizing data handling.
  • Kredete: A lending marketplace facilitating access to credit.

Other African Nations

  • Bosso (Zambia): A prop-tech startup innovating in real estate.
  • Zuri (DRC): A beauty startup offering diverse cosmetic solutions.
  • Meditect (Ivory Coast): An e-health company improving healthcare delivery.
  • Viebeg (Rwanda): An e-health startup advancing medical services.
  • Wahu! (formerly MANA Mobility, Ghana): An e-bike venture promoting sustainable transport.
  • Egyptian e-health startup: Enhancing healthcare with technology-driven solutions.