The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (MSMEDA) has partnered with Telecom Egypt to bolster support for entrepreneurs and startups. This collaboration, marked by a newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), is designed to enhance the capabilities, productivity, and competitiveness of these businesses both locally and internationally.

Strengthening Support for Entrepreneurs

Under this MoU, Telecom Egypt will provide special mobile and fixed internet packages to project owners who regularize their status with MSMEDA. This initiative aims to integrate these entrepreneurs into the formal sector, ensuring they benefit from modern technological systems that enhance their market competitiveness.

Technological Integration

Telecom Egypt will also focus on improving the use of information and communication technology within MSMEDA. This enhancement will better serve the beneficiaries of MSMEDA’s programs, offering improved opportunities for project owners and entrepreneurs.

MSMEDA's Strategic Goals

Basil Rahmi, CEO of MSMEDA, highlighted the agency’s dedication to collaborating with state entities and institutions to implement the directives of the political leadership. This includes providing comprehensive support to the SME sector to ensure its stability, growth, and active participation in economic development. Rahmi emphasized the agency’s efforts to implement the SME Development Law, which offers various benefits and incentives to encourage informal projects to join the formal sector.

Encouraging Digital Transformation

Rahmi noted that partnering with one of Egypt’s largest telecommunications companies will provide additional support to startups, entrepreneurs, and existing projects. This collaboration will encourage them to embrace digital transformation and modern technology, enhancing their capabilities and boosting their productivity and competitiveness on both local and international levels.

Leveraging Technical Expertise

Mohamed Nasr, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, stressed the company’s pivotal role in promoting entrepreneurship and supporting development efforts. Telecom Egypt’s technical expertise allows it to offer top-notch telecommunications and information technology services to companies and institutions, actively fostering an advanced technological environment.

Enhancing Services for SMEs

Mohamed Abu Taleb, Deputy CEO for Commercial Affairs at Telecom Egypt, reiterated the company’s commitment to enhancing services for small, medium, and micro enterprises. This commitment is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and economic development, supporting project owners, entrepreneurs, and startup owners in leveraging advanced technological solutions.