A Revolutionary Partnership in Travel

GIG Mobility (GIGM), a leading tech-driven intercity transportation provider in West Africa, has joined forces with Travelstart, a prominent African online travel agency, to revolutionize travel in Nigeria. This groundbreaking partnership aims to enhance the travel experience by integrating the services of both companies onto their respective platforms, offering a seamless and efficient booking process.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Booking

Effective immediately, GIGM customers can now book flights directly through the GIGM platform, while Travelstart users can effortlessly include GIGM’s extensive road transport services in their travel plans. This strategic collaboration eliminates the need for travelers to switch between multiple platforms, thereby streamlining the booking experience and saving valuable time.

“By integrating our services, we are eliminating the inconvenience of customers having to navigate multiple platforms and interact with different service providers,” stated Enahoro Okhae, CEO of GIGM. “This collaboration allows us to offer a comprehensive travel solution, combining air and road travel options for enhanced convenience.”

Bukky Akomolafe, Country Manager of Travelstart Nigeria, echoed this sentiment, adding, “This is a landmark partnership that brings together two industry leaders to provide a seamless travel experience. By integrating our services, we are empowering travelers to plan and book their entire journey, including flights and road transportation, in one place.”

Benefits for Travelers

This strategic alliance is set to benefit travelers in several significant ways:

  • Cost Savings: Bundled air and bus travel tickets will be available at discounted rates, offering travelers substantial savings.
  • Enhanced Convenience: A unified customer service approach ensures seamless assistance throughout the booking and travel process.
  • Expanded Access: Travelers will have access to a wider range of destinations and transportation options across Nigeria.

Overcoming Challenges and Looking Ahead

GIGM and Travelstart are confident in their ability to overcome any potential challenges, drawing on their extensive experience in addressing various issues in the past. They anticipate increased customer satisfaction as they work together to deliver innovative solutions and further enhance the travel experience.

A Milestone in Nigerian Transportation

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the Nigerian transportation sector, showcasing the power of collaboration and innovation. By leveraging their respective strengths and expertise, GIGM and Travelstart are poised to set a new standard for convenience, efficiency, and accessibility in the travel industry.