A Momentous Achievement

Cameroonian fintech startup I-Clan, also known as Innovative Clan, achieved significant recognition at the 7th International Forum on Africa Development (FIAD) held in Morocco. Themed "Here, We Invest" and organized by Moroccan group Attijariwafa Bank, the event celebrated young African entrepreneurs and their innovations across various economic sectors.

Prestigious Award and Recognition

I-Clan secured the 3rd prize in the Young Entrepreneur Trophy category, earning a reward of 100,000 Moroccan dirhams, approximately CFA6 million. This accolade highlights the startup's innovative contributions and potential for impactful change in the fintech sector.

“Our victory stands as a proud moment for our team and for Cameroon. We are excited to continue bringing ground-breaking solutions and transformative technology to our community and beyond,” Joelle Ako, co-founder of I-Clan, expressed on her Facebook page.

The Founders and Their Vision

Founded in 2018 by Joelle Ako, Amanda Shafack, Flora Efuet, Lesly Ndam Njei, and Carlton Nfor, all graduates of the University of Buea in the Southwest region, I-Clan focuses on facilitating and securing school fee payments. The fintech's platform allows schools to collect tuition payments through various local mobile payment methods, including an innovative feature that enables parents to make payments without needing an internet connection. This capability significantly enhances access to educational services for digitally underserved communities.

A Trailblazing Entrepreneur

Before founding I-Clan, Joelle Ako had already established herself as a front-end developer for Njorku Ltd, a platform specializing in career and recruitment services in Africa. Her entrepreneurial journey is marked by numerous achievements, including winning the PAK 2021 Hackathon organized by the Autonomous Port of Kribi and other accolades in international competitions such as the Daikin-Samurai Incubate Ideathon Airtech Bootcamp Africa in Kenya. Additionally, she has been selected to participate in prestigious initiatives like Youth Connekt Africa in Rwanda and the Google Sub-Saharan Africa Community Summit in Accra, Ghana.

Impact on Education and Fintech

I-Clan's innovative approach to securing school fee payments is transformative, especially for communities with limited digital access. By leveraging local mobile payment methods and providing offline payment options, I-Clan is bridging the gap in educational access and financial inclusion. This fintech solution is not only simplifying the payment process for parents but also ensuring that schools receive timely and secure payments, ultimately contributing to the sustainability and growth of educational institutions in Cameroon and potentially across Africa.

Conclusion: A Bright Future Ahead

The recognition of I-Clan at the FIAD Forum is a testament to the startup's innovative spirit and commitment to making a difference. With a robust platform and a visionary team, I-Clan is poised to continue its journey of bringing groundbreaking solutions to the fintech and education sectors. The future looks promising for I-Clan as it continues to expand its impact, bringing transformative technology to communities in Cameroon and beyond.