The Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN) has announced the 20 tech innovators selected for the final pitch at the DBN Techpreneur Summit 2024. Scheduled for July 10, 2024, in Lagos, the summit aims to highlight investor-ready technology innovations within Nigeria’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing a vital link between innovators and potential investors.

Event Overview: DBN Techpreneur Summit 2024

The DBN Techpreneur Summit 2024, themed ‘Catalyzing Tech Innovation: Empowering Entrepreneurs for Regenerative Growth,’ seeks to bolster the tech innovation landscape in Nigeria. The summit serves as a platform to showcase groundbreaking technologies and connect techpreneurs with investors, facilitating funding and growth opportunities.

Pre-Selection Process: From Over 100 to 20

The pre-selection process, held over the weekend, involved a panel of esteemed industry leaders who meticulously assessed over 100 entries. This session was crucial in narrowing down the participants to 20 finalists across various sectors including fintech, health tech, transport, IoT, and more.

Dr. Tony Okpanachi’s Insight

Dr. Tony Okpanachi, Managing Director/CEO of DBN, emphasized the importance of the pre-selection stage, describing it as a critical step to identify and support the most promising innovators. He stated, “Pre-selection of innovators provides feedback on the viability and potential of the innovation, enhancing their chances of success and boosting their confidence for the pitch.”

The Path to the Final Pitch

The 20 selected tech innovators will now advance to the final pitch stage, showcasing their innovations to a discerning audience of investors and stakeholders. This step is designed to refine their pitches and ensure they are investment-ready.

Empowering Techpreneurs: DBN’s Commitment

Dr. Okpanachi highlighted DBN’s role in empowering MSMEs and tech innovators, asserting that the bank is pivotal in unlocking the potential of Nigeria’s tech sector. “By supporting MSMEs and tech innovators to grow and scale up, DBN is contributing significantly to the real GDP growth and driving inclusive economic growth,” he noted.

The Role of Addium Capital

Mrs. Comfort Aruosa-Osemwegie, Managing Director of Addium Capital, emphasized the strategic partnership with DBN to prepare tech founders for investor engagement. She highlighted the exclusive Deal Room at the summit, where techpreneurs will meet with at least 50 curated investors. “We are ensuring that startups are investor-ready, bringing deals that are primed for investment,” she explained.

Enhancing Investor Engagement

Aruosa-Osemwegie outlined the summit’s vision to become the premier event for investor engagement and deal closure. “When you think of fundraising and meeting investors, Techpreneur Summit is the place to be. It’s designed to be the main deals arena for techpreneurs, attracting both Nigerian and international investors,” she stated.

Investor-Ready Startups

The summit promises a unique platform where tech startups can connect directly with potential investors, fostering a conducive environment for deal sourcing, origination, and closure. “We want to see the Techpreneur Summit become the go-to event for techpreneurs and investors across Africa,” Aruosa-Osemwegie added.

Building a Vibrant Tech Ecosystem

The DBN Techpreneur Summit 2024 aims to significantly impact the tech ecosystem by bridging the gap between innovation and investment, ensuring that Nigeria's tech sector continues to thrive and contribute to the nation’s economic growth.