Nigerian remittance startup Africhange has officially launched its operations in the United Kingdom (UK), providing efficient, cost-effective, and reliable solutions for international money transfers. This expansion marks a significant milestone for Africhange, which is committed to transforming the remittance experience for users across various corridors.

Tech-Enabled Global Remittance Services

Africhange is a tech-enabled global remittance services provider that facilitates cross-border money transfers, particularly between Canada, Nigeria, Australia, and the UK. Founded with the mission of enhancing the remittance experience for immigrants, Africhange offers minimal transaction fees, rapid payment settlements, and exceptional customer service.

Expansion and Licensing

Starting with the UK-Nigeria corridor, Africhange has secured an Authorised Payment Institution License, enabling it to deliver a range of payment solutions, including remittance services, for UK users. The company plans to extend its services to include Ghana and Kenya by the end of the year.

Targeted Services for Students

One of the unique offerings of Africhange is discounted exchange rates for students enrolled in UK universities, in addition to the market-leading rates available to the general public. This initiative aims to ease the financial burden on international students.

Innovative Loyalty Program

Africhange is set to introduce its innovative loyalty program, Afripoints, which allows users to earn cash rewards for sending or receiving money through the platform. This program is designed to enhance user engagement and provide additional value to customers.

Commitment to Cost-Effective Transfers

“Africhange’s entry into the UK market represents a significant milestone in our mission to deliver the best possible global payments experience for Africans in the diaspora,” said David Ajala, founder and CEO of Africhange. “Despite the significant inflows of remittance to the continent, the cost of sending money means a significant percentage of those funds don’t get to the recipients, and we want to change that. We have big plans and we are looking forward to expanding our services, reaching more customers, and ensuring that everyone can benefit from seamless and cost-effective international money transfers.”