Revolutionizing Asset Tracking

Watu, an asset financing powerhouse dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs across Africa, joins forces with Nodle, a global leader in blockchain innovation, to pioneer groundbreaking Internet of Things (IoT) services. This strategic partnership harnesses Nodle's Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) to revolutionize asset tracking for Watu's fleet of two and three-wheeler motorbikes, commonly known as boda bodas in East Africa.

Bridging Financial Gaps: Watu's Mission

Watu serves as a catalyst for bridging the gap between individuals and access to flexible financing, particularly in the context of boda boda ownership. Beyond being a vital last-mile transportation option, boda bodas represent a significant source of employment and economic independence for many across Africa.

Enhancing Asset Tracking with Blockchain

Through the collaboration with Nodle, Watu embarks on an initiative to provide real-time location tracking for its financed boda boda fleet. Leveraging Nodle's energy-efficient and cost-effective DePIN, Watu aims to bolster asset security, mitigate theft risks, and support its business model of providing loans to underserved communities lacking traditional credit access.

Strategic Expansion Across Africa

The partnership commences in Uganda, with plans for expansion into key African markets, including Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and the DR Congo. By tapping into Nodle's expertise in cryptography, mobility, device authentication, and blockchain, Watu seeks to scale its services and drive positive socio-economic impact across the continent.

Empowering Entrepreneurs Through Innovation

Micha Benoliel, CEO and co-founder of Nodle, highlights the partnership's alignment with Watu's mission of empowering entrepreneurs through asset financing. The collaboration promises to accelerate the deployment of the Nodle Network in Africa, capitalizing on the growing prevalence of smartphones in the region.

Ensuring Asset Security and Scalability

Gunars Bidins, Head of GPS Tracking at Watu, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing its potential to enhance asset tracking efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Leveraging Nodle's scalable and flexible network, Watu aims to revolutionize asset tracking operations across its expanding African footprint.

Pioneering Blockchain Solutions for Africa

The partnership between Watu and Nodle marks a significant milestone in leveraging blockchain technology to deliver innovative IoT solutions in Africa. As smartphones increasingly serve as infrastructure for such advancements, the collaboration is poised to inspire further innovation and drive positive change across evolving African markets.

Spearheading Technological Advancement

As Watu and Nodle pioneer blockchain-driven solutions for asset tracking in Africa, they pave the way for transformative advancements in financial inclusion and technological innovation. With the potential to revolutionize asset tracking operations and empower entrepreneurs, this partnership heralds a new era of progress and opportunity across the continent.