Empowering Entrepreneurs: XSML's Mission

XSML Capital, a frontrunner in providing growth capital to SMEs in Central and Eastern Africa, has embarked on its latest venture with the launch of the African Rivers Fund IV (ARF IV). Founded in 2008, XSML Capital has been dedicated to fostering the growth of talented entrepreneurs in frontier markets across Africa, paving the way for sustainable development and economic prosperity.

ARF IV and XSML's Impact

ARF IV, the fourth fund by XSML Capital, builds upon the success of its predecessor, ARF III, which is now fully invested. These African Rivers Funds play a pivotal role in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Central and East Africa, filling the crucial gap left unaddressed by traditional banking sectors and financial institutions.

XSML's Growth Strategy

With a first close of $98.7 million, XSML Capital is poised to double its investments and expand its impact across the region. The new funding not only allows XSML to bolster its support for existing investees but also paves the way for venturing into new markets, including the promising landscape of Zambia.

Investor Confidence: A Testament to Success

Despite the challenging fundraising landscape, XSML Capital's first close of ARF IV surpassed expectations, indicating a strong vote of confidence from investors. Barthout van Slingelandt, managing partner of XSML Capital, expressed gratitude for the unwavering support and reiterated investors' shared excitement about the vast opportunities present in Africa's frontier markets.

Reinvented and New Investors

Existing investors in previous funds have reaffirmed their commitment by reinvesting and increasing their exposure, with some doubling down on their investment. Additionally, one new investor has joined the fold, further validating XSML Capital's investment approach and performance.

A Vision for the Future: XSML's Growth Trajectory

As XSML Capital forges ahead with ARF IV, it remains steadfast in its mission to empower entrepreneurs and drive sustainable growth in Africa's underserved markets. With a proven track record and a clear vision for the future, XSML Capital is poised to make a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape of Central and Eastern Africa.