eMsika, a trailblazing agri-tech company based in Zambia, has been revolutionizing the agricultural sector with its specialized digital platform tailored to the needs of poultry farmers. This innovative enterprise, which also operates a physical store, has announced plans to expand into four additional markets following a period of substantial growth and positive feedback from its users.

Origins and Core Offerings

eMsika was co-founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs Gilbert Mwale and Elton Chirwa. The company’s flagship product, the FarmHouse app, serves as a comprehensive digital resource for poultry and livestock farmers. It provides easy access to essential farming inputs such as chicks, feed, and vaccines. Beyond product offerings, eMsika delivers valuable on-farm support to assist farmers in their agricultural pursuits.

Addressing a Market Gap

In a discussion with Disrupt Africa, Mwale elaborated on the inspiration behind eMsika’s creation. He emphasized the scarcity of accessible, user-friendly digital tools specifically designed for smallholder poultry and livestock farmers, especially those in urban areas. eMsika’s FarmHouse app differentiates itself by offering comprehensive on-farm technical advice and high-quality inputs tailored to the specific needs of smallholder farmers.

Comprehensive Support and Training

The FarmHouse app not only facilitates the procurement of farming inputs but also provides educational training and networking opportunities for farmers. To further support its user base, eMsika has launched a farmer membership program known as FarmHouse Plus. Additionally, the company has established a physical store and partnered with multinational suppliers to enhance its service offerings.

Impact and Reach

To date, the FarmHouse app has been downloaded around 2,000 times, and eMsika has successfully provided online training to approximately 8,000 farmers. This robust engagement underscores the platform's effectiveness and popularity among its target audience.

Strategic Expansion

Looking ahead, eMsika is set to expand into new markets, including Tanzania, Nigeria, Egypt, and Zimbabwe. This growth is driven by the app’s Poultry Manager feature, which has proven highly effective. eMsika is actively seeking collaborative partnerships to facilitate this expansion.

Funding and Financial Strategy

eMsika’s growth has been supported by a combination of equity investments, grants, and strategic partnerships. Since its inception, the company has secured a total of US$150,000 in funding. Currently, eMsika is in the process of raising an additional US$50,000, which will be used for marketing initiatives, technological advancements, and hiring a key team member.

Revenue Model

Mwale explained that eMsika generates revenue through subscription fees for on-farm technical support and profit margins from product sales. While the primary focus remains on expanding the user base, eMsika is also committed to gradually increasing its revenue streams.