Pioneering Collaboration for a Greener Future

Zero Carbon Ventures, a trailblazer in emission reduction technologies, joins forces with Green Planet for Sustainable Environmental Solutions, a subsidiary of the esteemed Egyptian Special Group for Trading and Investment J.S.C., to establish a transformative joint venture aimed at driving sustainable development in Egypt.

Unveiling Zero Carbon Green Planet (ZCGP)

The partnership heralds the inception of Zero Carbon Green Planet (ZCGP), a groundbreaking initiative set to revolutionize waste management and environmental sustainability. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM), ZCGP embodies a holistic commitment to fostering a sustainable future and advancing a strategic net-zero agenda in Egypt.

Innovative Technology for Environmental Solutions

Central to ZCGP's mission is the deployment of a cutting-edge, patent-pending high technology system developed by Zero Carbon Ventures. This innovative system, designed to address waste gas emissions and organic waste streams at an unprecedented scale, promises to convert waste methane and organic waste into profitable revenue streams, including graphene, hydrogen, fertilizers, and other valuable commodities.

Rapid Implementation and Impact

The first phase of the project, slated for completion by 2025 at the 15 May landfill site, underscores ZCGP's accelerated timeline and unwavering dedication to combating climate change while fostering economic development. Upon its full completion in 2027, the advanced manufacturing process is poised to employ up to 250 individuals, process 400 tonnes of organic waste daily, and significantly mitigate methane and CO2 emissions.

Visionary Leadership and Collaborative Spirit

Zero Carbon CEO and Co-Founder, Martin Reynolds, underscores the venture's commitment to building a circular economy that prioritizes environmental sustainability and economic innovation. Dr. Mohammed Asaad, Chairman of Green Planet, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the partnership's focus on delivering impactful projects and leveraging innovative technology to drive growth in Egypt.

Government Support and Regional Impact

Dr. Tarek El-Araby, CEO of the Waste Management Regulatory Authority, applauds the collaborative efforts of Zero Carbon Ventures and Green Planet, recognizing the venture as a significant milestone in advancing Egypt's circular economy and positioning the nation as a regional leader in sustainable industrial practices. With full support from the Egyptian government, ZCGP is poised to create job opportunities, uplift local communities, and set a benchmark for environmentally conscious development.

Commitment to Innovation and Sustainable Prosperity

Driven by a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and economic empowerment, ZCGP pledges to align its initiatives with the Egyptian government's strategic vision for a cleaner, greener future. Through cutting-edge research, investment in transformative technologies, and a focus on harnessing the potential of graphene and other pioneering materials, ZCGP aims to catalyze a new era of clean industrial revolution in Egypt and beyond.