South African e-health startup RecoMed has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with Japanese pharmaceutical giant Eisai. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for RecoMed, positioning it to revolutionize the digital healthcare landscape in South Africa and beyond.

Transforming Healthcare Access

RecoMed is at the forefront of digital innovation in healthcare, offering a tech-driven online marketplace and booking platform that connects practitioners, patients, and stakeholders seamlessly. Through RecoMed's platform, patients can conveniently book appointments with healthcare providers from any device, facilitating easy access to quality healthcare services.

Driving Growth and Impact

With over 3,000 healthcare providers and a monthly volume of 250,000 unique patient visits, RecoMed has witnessed remarkable growth. The platform's revenue surged by 150% in 2023, underscoring its potential for further expansion. Now, with the support of Eisai's funding, RecoMed is poised to scale new heights in its mission to enhance patient treatment journeys and improve healthcare outcomes.

Strategic Funding from Eisai

While the exact amount of funding remains undisclosed, RecoMed's partnership with Eisai represents its largest funding round to date. This substantial investment will fuel RecoMed's ambition to become the first digital connection to care platform addressing critical healthcare needs, starting with breast cancer.

Addressing Unmet Healthcare Needs

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare access and early detection of diseases like breast cancer have become more challenging. RecoMed's collaboration with Eisai aims to bridge this gap by leveraging digital platforms to streamline the patient journey and increase accessibility to vital healthcare services.

CEO's Vision for the Future

Sheraan Amod, RecoMed's founder and CEO, emphasizes the alignment between RecoMed's vision and Eisai's commitment to digital healthcare solutions. The investment from Eisai will enable RecoMed to enhance its technology, raise platform awareness, and deliver a more robust digital healthcare experience for patients.

Eisai's Perspective

Shin Ujiie, Vice President for Corporate Strategy at Eisai, highlights the firm's dedication to leveraging digital platforms to revolutionize healthcare access. Eisai recognizes RecoMed as a leader in the digital health space and views this partnership as a pivotal step in their journey to make healthcare accessible to everyone.

A Collaborative Journey Towards Better Healthcare

The partnership between RecoMed and Eisai signifies a bold step towards transforming healthcare access and improving patient outcomes. As RecoMed continues its mission to revolutionize the digital healthcare landscape, supported by Eisai's strategic investment, it is poised to make a lasting impact on healthcare delivery in South Africa and beyond.