Viebeg's Innovative Approach to Medical Procurement

Rwandan startup Viebeg is reshaping the landscape of medical equipment procurement with its cutting-edge AI-powered platform. Founded in 2018, Viebeg introduces efficiency and transparency to the procurement process through its data-driven B2B platform, VieProcure.

The Power of Data-Driven Solutions

VieProcure offers a comprehensive procurement solution for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and healthcare providers, leveraging AI and data analytics to streamline the selection and purchase of medical equipment and supplies. By eliminating manual processes and offering a diverse product range online, Viebeg simplifies procurement for healthcare facilities.

Bridging Healthcare Infrastructure Gaps

Complementing its procurement platform is Viebeg's Health Demand Simulation Model (HDSM). This innovative model analyzes demographic and public health data to assess the availability of medical services and equipment in specific regions. By identifying healthcare infrastructure gaps, Viebeg empowers healthcare facilities to make informed investment decisions and enhance the efficiency of the healthcare system.

Empowering Informed Investment Decisions

Utilizing predictive analytics, the HDSM forecasts the profitability of medical equipment and evaluates the credit score of healthcare providers in each location. Armed with this data, healthcare facilities can optimize their procurement decisions, address specific healthcare needs, and enhance overall system efficiency.

Partnerships and Expansion

In addition to offering in-house equipment financing, Viebeg collaborates with third-party financing partners to facilitate equipment financing for healthcare providers. Leveraging its credit scoring algorithm and HDSM insights, Viebeg connects clients with financing partners, enabling informed lending decisions.

Standing Apart from Competitors

Viebeg distinguishes itself from traditional suppliers and middlemen by offering a data-driven platform that optimizes procurement and links suppliers directly to healthcare providers. Unlike conventional approaches, Viebeg's platform ensures efficiency, transparency, and direct access to manufacturers, revolutionizing the medical supply chain.

Future Plans and Growth Trajectory

With successful expansion into Kenya and the DRC, Viebeg is poised for further growth across Africa. Having raised over $4 million in equity and debt from leading investors, Viebeg plans to expand its footprint to Uganda, Tanzania, and potentially Malawi in the coming years, aiming to transform medical procurement and improve healthcare access for millions.

Pioneering Change in Healthcare Procurement

Viebeg's innovative approach to medical procurement underscores its commitment to revolutionizing healthcare delivery in Africa and beyond. With its AI-powered platform and data-driven solutions, Viebeg is empowering healthcare providers, enhancing efficiency, and bridging critical infrastructure gaps, paving the way for a healthier, more accessible future.