A Milestone Achievement

Adenia Partners Ltd., a leading private equity firm based in Mauritius, has accomplished a groundbreaking feat with the closure of its fifth Africa-focused fund, Adenia Capital V. At an impressive $470 million, this fund stands as the largest of its kind raised since 2021, surpassing its initial target of $460 million.

A Testament to Success

Adenia Capital V has garnered substantial support from a diverse group of investors, underscoring Adenia's strong track record and appeal in the investment landscape. Notable investors include development finance institutions such as Norfund AS, the US International Development Finance Corp., and Findev Inc., alongside institutional investors like Public Investment Corp. Ltd. from South Africa and pension funds from Ghana and Kenya. Additionally, returning investors such as the European Investment Bank and the World Bank's International Finance Corporation reaffirm confidence in Adenia's investment strategy.

Strategic Focus

Adenia Capital V is strategically poised to target established businesses in sectors critical to Africa's growth trajectory, including fintech, telecommunications, and healthcare. With a focus on acquiring controlling stakes, typically ranging from 51% to 100%, Adenia aims to drive strategic growth plans and maximize returns for investors. Alexis Caude, Managing Director of Adenia, emphasizes the importance of control in facilitating exits and attracting strategic investors.

Commitment to Africa

Adenia's commitment to Africa is further demonstrated by its recent expansion, including the opening of a new office in Lagos, Nigeria. This strategic move underscores Adenia's focus on Africa's largest economy and its determination to play a pivotal role in driving sustainable development across the continent. Moreover, Adenia Capital V's ability to invest larger amounts, with an average deal size of $40 million, enables the pursuit of impactful initiatives with far-reaching implications.

Driving Sustainable Development

Adenia's recent deal with Air Liquide SA exemplifies its commitment to creating value and fostering sustainable development. By acquiring and supporting the growth of Air Liquide's African operations, Adenia aims to cultivate long-term partnerships and contribute to Africa's industrial growth and economic resilience.

Promoting Africa's Development Priorities

Adenia Capital V's focus on key sectors aligns with Africa's development priorities, particularly in areas such as fintech, telecommunications, and healthcare. Investments in these sectors have the potential to drive economic growth, enhance financial inclusion, and unlock new opportunities for millions across the continent.

Catalyzing Broader Transformation

While Adenia's success is commendable, questions arise regarding its broader impact on Africa's development journey. Critics raise concerns about short-term profit motives overshadowing long-term societal benefits. However, Adenia's emphasis on sustainable value creation and the involvement of development finance institutions signal a commitment to driving positive social and environmental change alongside financial returns.

A Path Towards Sustainable Growth

As Adenia Capital V embarks on its investment journey, its success has the potential to catalyze broader transformation in Africa. By driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and promoting inclusive development, Adenia is poised to make a lasting impact on Africa's trajectory, shaping a future defined by prosperity, resilience, and opportunity for all.