Driving Electric Mobility Forward

Roam, a pioneering EV-developer startup, has teamed up with Mogo, a leading Kenyan asset finance company, to accelerate the adoption of electric motorcycles in Kenya. This groundbreaking partnership aims to revolutionize transportation by offering innovative financing solutions and expanding access to electric motorbikes across the country.

Empowering Bodaboda Riders

The collaboration between Roam and Mogo will commence with the establishment of 20 in-store locations throughout Kenya, providing convenient access to Roam's electric motorbikes. Moreover, the partnership will introduce a financing package tailored to prospective buyers, enabling them to save money and increase their daily income by up to 30%.

Making Electric Mobility Affordable

Recognizing the growing demand for electric motorcycles amid rising petrol prices, Roam and Mogo are committed to making electric mobility accessible to all. By leveraging Mogo's expertise in asset financing, customers can benefit from flexible financing options that ensure immediate cost savings.

Strategic Alliance for Sustainable Transportation

Roam's Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder, Mikael Gånge, expressed excitement about the partnership with Mogo, emphasizing the potential of electric motorcycles to transform the transportation sector. The collaboration signifies a strategic alliance aimed at driving sustainable mobility solutions and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Unlocking Market Potential

With the motorcycle industry contributing significantly to Kenya's GDP, the transition to electric motorcycles presents a monumental opportunity for economic growth and environmental sustainability. By offering innovative products and charging solutions, Roam and Mogo aim to surpass the traditional petrol motorcycle market.

Government Support and Infrastructure Challenges

While the Kenyan government has shown interest in electric mobility as part of its climate change agenda, challenges such as inadequate charging infrastructure persist. However, Roam's removable battery technology circumvents these challenges, enabling customers to charge their motorcycles conveniently at home.

Roam's Expansion Plans

Following a successful Series A funding round, Roam is poised for rapid expansion across all Kenyan markets. The recent opening of its first physical showroom along the Thika Superhighway in partnership with Ridewell underscores Roam's commitment to capturing a larger market share and enhancing customer experience.

Pioneering Sustainable Transportation

As Roam continues to innovate and expand its electric motorcycle line, the vision of a sustainable transportation ecosystem in Kenya becomes increasingly tangible. With the support of strategic partners like Mogo, Roam is driving the transition to electric mobility and shaping the future of transportation in the region.