In a strategic move poised to transform Egypt's healthcare landscape, Admaius Capital Partners, a leading Africa-focused private equity investor, has forged a partnership with Parkville Holding Company B.V., a prominent player in the country's medicated-cosmetics industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the journey of both entities towards regional expansion and market leadership.

Expanding Horizons

Admaius' investment will provide Parkville with the necessary impetus to extend its footprint across the region, capitalizing on its robust brand portfolio and leveraging Admaius' extensive network. This strategic alignment underscores Admaius' commitment to identifying opportunities in sectors that drive economic and social progress, including healthcare.

Thriving Market Dynamics

The Egyptian consumer healthcare market stands as a beacon of resilience, fueled by rising consumer awareness and a shift towards locally manufactured products. Parkville, with its formidable medical marketing force and trusted product portfolio, is well-positioned to capitalize on this burgeoning demand and further solidify its market presence.

Strategic Advisory

Admaius Capital Partners enlisted the expertise of Matouk Bassiouny, while Zilla Capital played a pivotal role as the sole financial advisor to Parkville Ltd and its Founders. With Adsero providing legal counsel, the partnership was forged with meticulous attention to detail and strategic foresight.

Marlon Chigwende, Managing Partner of Admaius, lauded the partnership, emphasizing Parkville's exceptional business quality and rapid growth trajectory. He underscored Admaius' commitment to backing impact-driven enterprises that deliver value to stakeholders while highlighting Egypt's burgeoning entrepreneurial landscape.

Dr. Sherif Bassiouny, Co-Founder of Parkville, expressed excitement about the collaboration, citing Admaius' extensive resources and expertise as catalysts for innovation and expansion. He reiterated Parkville's commitment to addressing market gaps.