Africa Tech Summit (ATS) London gears up for its eighth edition at the prestigious London Stock Exchange on June 7th, 2024. Among the highlights of this landmark event is the unveiling of 15 groundbreaking tech ventures selected to participate in the ATS Investment Showcase 2024.

The ATS Investment Showcase

The ATS London Investment Showcase serves as a pivotal platform for tech ventures to showcase their innovations to leading investors, corporates, and industry stakeholders from Europe, the USA, and Africa. This year's cohort of 15 ventures represents a diverse array of sectors, from fintech to cleantech, poised to redefine Africa's technological landscape.

Meet the Trailblazers: ATS London Investment Showcase 2024 Ventures

1. (South Africa): Accelerating the energy transition in Africa by facilitating the generation of carbon credits from renewable energy sources through a digital platform.

2. Earthbond (Nigeria): Providing African businesses with comprehensive solar solutions leveraging carbon accounting and climate finance.

3. Melanin Kapital Limited (Kenya): Leveraging blockchain technology to enhance transparency and credibility in financial transactions for businesses.

4. Newform Foods (South Africa): Revolutionizing the food industry by facilitating the development and scalability of cultivated animal products at a lower cost.

5. OkHi (Nigeria): Offering a digital addressing system to enhance address verification for businesses, particularly in emerging markets.

6. OneHealth (Nigeria): Bridging healthcare gaps through digital infrastructure that connects payers, providers, and patients.

7. PBR Life Sciences (Nigeria): Harnessing big data and AI to provide stakeholders in the healthcare sector with data-driven insights for decision-making.

8. Plentify (South Africa): Offering smart energy solutions to strengthen electricity systems through innovative hardware and AI.

9. Poa Internet (Kenya): Addressing the digital divide by providing affordable residential broadband services.

10. Rana Energy (Nigeria): Providing sustainable energy solutions for a greener Africa through affordable subscription-based models.

11. Sky.Garden (Kenya): Empowering African retailers with a SaaS e-commerce platform to streamline business operations.

12. So-Cool (Nigeria): Delivering clean and affordable energy solutions to SMEs across Africa.

13. Teraki (Ethiopia): Revolutionizing the audio streaming landscape by providing a platform for African authors and content creators.

14. VeendHQ (Nigeria): Tackling credit penetration challenges in Africa by enabling consumers and businesses to access funds based on verifiable income.

15. Wfrley (Egypt): Facilitating promotions and marketing in underserved areas of Cairo through an innovative app and SaaS solution for supermarkets.

Director's Insight: Africa Tech Summit London

Lauren Adair, Director at Africa Tech Summit, expresses excitement about the lineup of innovators featured in this year's Investment Showcase. With past participants securing funding and partnerships, Adair looks forward to witnessing the future impact of these ventures.

As Africa Tech Summit London prepares to convene industry leaders and tech enthusiasts, the anticipation for the 2024 Investment Showcase continues to mount. With groundbreaking innovations across various sectors, these 15 ventures are poised to shape the future of tech innovation in Africa and beyond.