In a bid to invigorate South Africa's retail sector amidst challenging economic conditions, leading buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) provider PayJustNow has joined forces with alternative lender Merchant Capital. Together, they unveil PayJustNow Advance, a pioneering cash advance offer aimed at enhancing access to working capital for retailers.

The Collaborative Initiative: PayJustNow Advance

The strategic collaboration between PayJustNow and Merchant Capital heralds a new era for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in South Africa. Through PayJustNow Advance, retailers can unlock innovative funding solutions tailored to fuel their growth and foster economic prosperity.

PayJustNow and Merchant Capital

Established in 2019, PayJustNow has emerged as South Africa's premier BNPL provider, boasting a substantial customer base of 1.3 million and a robust network of integrated merchants spanning the nation. On the other hand, Merchant Capital has carved a niche as a prominent provider of alternative funding, specializing in technology-driven lending solutions tailored for SMEs.

A Visionary Approach

Craig Newborn, CEO of PayJustNow, underscores the pivotal role of timely funding in empowering retailers to seize growth opportunities amidst economic turbulence. With PayJustNow Advance, retailers gain swift access to vital capital, enabling them to navigate challenges and unlock their full potential.

Insight from Industry Leaders

Highlighting the significance of the partnership, Newborn emphasizes the need for innovative payment and funding solutions tailored to the unique landscape of South African businesses. By leveraging rich data insights, PayJustNow and Merchant Capital ensure that funding initiatives align with retailers' cash flow dynamics, fostering sustainable growth without compromising financial stability.

The PayJustNow Advance Experience

Merchants enrolled with PayJustNow receive personalized funding offers meticulously crafted based on comprehensive cash flow and affordability assessments. This bespoke approach ensures that funding endeavors contribute synergistically to retailers' expansion endeavors, bolstering their resilience in an ever-evolving marketplace.