Bio-Logical, a pioneering climate tech company, has successfully raised a $1 million seed round, signaling a significant step in its mission to establish climate-resilient communities among smallholder farmers globally. The funding, led by the Steyn Group and Angel Investors Rob Konterman, Luke Calcott-Stevens, and Jochem Wieringa, is earmarked for expanding Bio-Logical's operations in Kenya, where it aims to make a lasting impact on agricultural sustainability.

Addressing Smallholder Farmer Challenges Amid Climate Change

Smallholder farmers, grappling with diminishing harvests, extreme weather events, and soaring fertilizer costs due to climate change, face an uncertain future. Bio-Logical takes on this challenge with a circular economy approach, converting waste into biochar—a revolutionary material that effectively captures carbon for extended periods. This biochar, integrated into an organic fertilizer, is then distributed to smallholder farmers, revitalizing soil, enhancing crop resilience, and increasing yields by more than 50%.

The Funding Landscape

The recent seed round, led by the Steyn Group and supported by prominent Angel Investors, positions Bio-Logical for expansive growth. This financial injection will not only contribute to the development of Bio-Logical's inaugural biochar production site in Kenya but also pave the way for regional expansion. The company envisions supporting one million smallholders and sequestering one million metric tons of CO2 annually by 2030.

Circular Economy in Action

Founded on the principle that smallholder farmers should not bear the brunt of a climate crisis they did not contribute to, Bio-Logical's circular economy model is reshaping the narrative. By efficiently converting agricultural waste into biochar at a significant scale, the company is set to operate the largest biochar production facility in Africa. This facility aims to process over 30,000 tonnes of agricultural waste annually, sequestering an impressive 25,000 metric tons of CO2. The generated revenue from carbon credits will, in turn, subsidize the production of resilient fertilizers for smallholder farmers, offering increased yields while reducing fertilizer costs.

Redefining Carbon Credits for Community Resilience

Bio-Logical's innovative technology is not only about carbon removal but also community empowerment. The carbon credits generated through its biochar production process are strategically utilized to fortify the resilience of climate-vulnerable communities. This approach aligns with the company's vision that carbon credits should play a pivotal role in building robust, climate-resilient ecosystems.

Founders' Vision

Rory Buckworth, Co-Founder of Bio-Logical, emphasizes the founding belief that smallholder farmers should not bear the repercussions of a climate crisis beyond their control. The company's commitment lies in combating soil degradation and changing weather patterns by providing sustainable solutions to the 500 million smallholder farmers worldwide.

Philip Hunter, Co-Founder, adds that Bio-Logical's innovative technology is not just about removing carbon from the atmosphere. It is a concerted effort to leverage carbon credits to uplift and strengthen climate-vulnerable communities, ensuring a more sustainable and resilient future.