Genie Health, formerly PT Genie, LLC, marks a significant milestone in its journey by announcing the expansion of its flagship digital musculoskeletal (MSK) platform into South Africa. Partnering with Discovery Health, a prominent health insurer in the region, Genie Health is set to introduce the country's first virtual MSK platform through a groundbreaking Health App. The launch event took place at the Discovery Global Headquarters in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Innovative Virtual MSK Platform

Discovery Health customers will gain exclusive access to the Genie Health virtual MSK solution. This platform allows physical therapists (physiotherapists) and athletic trainers (biokineticists) to prescribe and monitor virtual therapy sessions, conveniently delivered in the patient's home, either in real-time or asynchronously.

Advancing Patient Recovery and Satisfaction

The alliance integrates Genie Health's platform within the newly introduced Discovery Health App. This collaboration is poised to optimize patient recovery and satisfaction by leveraging the patient's mobile device camera. The platform utilizes AI-driven computer vision technology and real body markers to track various metrics, including repetitions, speed, anatomic measurements, range of motion, and mistake detection. Health professionals can remotely measure patient progress throughout their MSK protocol, maintaining a crucial connection during rehabilitation exercises.

Patient-Centric Outcomes

According to Genie Health patient surveys, individuals using the virtual MSK platform experienced a remarkable 60 percent faster recovery, a 50 percent reduction in pain, and a notable 90 percent increase in satisfaction compared to traditional PT programs*.

This collaboration signifies Genie Health's commitment to value-based care, representing its first partnership providing an MSK solution funded by a health insurer. The emphasis is on delivering high-quality care to patients with a medical aid plan.

Reuben Gobezie, MD, CEO, and Co-Founder of Genie Health expresses pride in bringing the virtual and hybrid MSK solution to South Africa. He highlights the groundbreaking nature of introducing a hybrid MSK model in a country where no virtual MSK platforms currently operate. The partnership with Discovery Health aligns seamlessly with the shared strategy and vision between the two companies.

Strategic Endeavor: Two-Year Journey Culminating in Success

Ben Galin, VP of Strategy for Genie Health, reflects on the rewarding journey leading up to this partnership. Over nearly two years, collaborative efforts between Genie Health's team and Discovery's team have transformed the vision into reality. The partnership underscores the core values of providing quality care at affordable prices, marking a momentous achievement in the realm of virtual musculoskeletal solutions.

As Genie Health pioneers innovative healthcare solutions, this strategic partnership signifies not only a geographical expansion but a testament to their dedication to advancing patient-centric care globally.