Revolutionizing Mass Banking in Egypt

Mashreq Egypt and Visa have joined forces to introduce the innovative Mashreq NEO Visa Card, a pioneering leap in Egypt's mass banking sector. This groundbreaking collaboration between two industry giants aims to redefine banking experiences and empower individuals across Egypt.

Partnership for Progress

The partnership between Mashreq Egypt and Visa is built on shared values of trust and innovation. Together, they aspire to transcend boundaries, surpass expectations, and set new benchmarks of excellence in the financial services landscape.

A Blend of Innovation and Customer-Centricity

The Mashreq NEO Visa Card embodies state-of-the-art technology, seamless banking services, and exclusive benefits tailored to meet the evolving needs of consumers. Featuring renowned Egyptian-international football player Mohamed Salah as Visa's new brand ambassador, the card's advertising campaign emphasizes empowerment, dedication, and excellence.

Empowering the Next Generation

With a focus on youths and Egypt's underbanked segments, the Mashreq NEO account aims to facilitate financial responsibility through a seamless digital experience. Mohamed Salah's journey serves as inspiration, encouraging individuals to pursue their passions and celebrate the power of small beginnings.

Transforming the Banking Landscape

Amr El Bahey, CEO of Mashreq Egypt, expresses excitement about the Mashreq NEO Visa Card, emphasizing the commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. The collaboration with Visa and Mohamed Salah reflects their dedication to empowering individuals with convenient, rewarding, and personalized banking experiences.

Exclusive Benefits for Cardholders

Malak El Baba, Vice President and Egypt Country Manager at Visa, highlights the Mashreq NEO Visa Card's exclusive benefits, including signed memorabilia, giveaways, and opportunities for meet-and-greet sessions with Mohamed Salah. This dynamic collaboration aims to provide an unforgettable experience for football enthusiasts.

Introducing the Mashreq NEO Account

Mohamed Talaat, Head of Retail Banking at Mashreq Egypt, underscores the Mashreq NEO account's role in providing efficient, secure, and personalized banking experiences. Prospective customers can easily apply through the Mashreq Egypt mobile application, followed by a simple activation process at designated locations.

Benefits of the Mashreq NEO Account

The Mashreq NEO account offers a range of benefits and reward points on debit card transactions, including welcome bonuses and balance-based rewards, highlighting Mashreq's commitment to customer loyalty and trust.

As Mashreq Egypt and Visa pave the way for a new era of banking convenience and accessibility in Egypt, the Mashreq NEO Visa Card stands as a testament to their shared vision of empowering individuals and driving positive change in the financial services industry.