Elevating Educational Frontiers

South African edtech pioneer, HyperionDev, has secured a significant investment of R95 million, approximately $5 million USD. This landmark achievement propels the company's total investment to R595 million, roughly equivalent to $31.1 million USD. With support from 23 undisclosed investors worldwide, HyperionDev is poised for substantial growth and impact.

Strategic Expansion

The infusion of capital aims to expand HyperionDev's operations within South Africa while venturing into the United Kingdom. By tapping into new geographical markets, the edtech platform is positioned to scale its global footprint, democratizing access to technology education.

Enhancing Educational Offerings

Beyond geographical expansion, the investment will enhance accessibility to technological education for learners across diverse demographics. HyperionDev plans to enrich its educational programs and scholarship initiatives, including the acclaimed HyperionDev Academy, catering to a wide spectrum of tech enthusiasts.

Championing Global Skills Development

Riaz Moola, Founder and CEO of HyperionDev, hails this milestone as the dawn of a new era in global skills development. With a focus on empowering individuals worldwide, Moola emphasizes the pivotal role of technology education in shaping the future workforce.

Innovating Education Through Technology

In a parallel narrative, emerging South African edtech startup FoondaMate revolutionizes student learning through WhatsApp integration. FoondaMate's inventive solution underscores the transformative potential of technology in education, complementing HyperionDev's mission.

Strategic Partnerships

HyperionDev's strategic partnerships with esteemed institutions, both locally and internationally, have been instrumental in its growth trajectory. Collaborations with universities, governmental bodies, and tech entities underscore HyperionDev's commitment to excellence and inclusivity.

Strengthening Presence Across Continents

HyperionDev's partnerships extend beyond South Africa, encompassing North America, France, and Spain. These alliances underscore the company's dedication to global growth and leadership in tech education.

Anchoring Growth in Home Soil

Amidst global expansion, HyperionDev remains steadfast in its commitment to its South African roots. Founder Riaz Moola reaffirms the company's dedication to uplifting tech education within the country, fostering partnerships with universities and governmental agencies.

Shaping Future Tech Leaders: HyperionDev's Impact

Since its inception in 2012, HyperionDev has been on a mission to democratize technology education through coding boot camps. With over 2,000 graduates, the company's educational model has propelled alumni into prominent roles across various industries, shaping the future tech workforce.

HyperionDev's Legacy in Tech Education

HyperionDev's track record of success not only validates its educational model but also highlights its pivotal role in shaping the future of tech education. Through impactful partnerships and innovative programs, HyperionDev continues to empower individuals and drive transformation worldwide.