In the heart of South Africa, a story of resilience, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit unfolds with Prudence Thulisile Mokwena, the founder of RBKM Chickens. Her journey from corporate stagnation to poultry farming success is a testament to the transformative power of determination and innovation.

The Genesis

Prudence's journey began with a realization after 12 years of professional stagnation. Instead of succumbing to the status quo, she sought opportunities in her field. Thus, RBKM Chickens was born, specializing in broiler farming, supplying chickens across Gauteng and Limpopo. Using her own funds and engaging key stakeholders, Prudence set out to create a business that not only met market needs but also stood out through innovation.

RBM’s vision is to drive sustainable, profitable growth through the power of people, services, and partnerships, and to establish the ultimate nationwide poultry farming industry, solving the problem of poultry production and creating employment opportunities. All this encompassed with a mission to be the best, offer more, and meet societal needs by providing top-tier poultry products.

Products and Revenue Streams

RBKM Chickens, established officially in 2020, specializes in raising, processing, and marketing broilers for both wholesale and direct consumer markets. The revenue streams include full chickens, chicken giblets and legs sold separately, various spices, and marinades. Their target market includes resellers with stalls, households preferring fresh-slaughtered chickens, and shisanyamas preferring baby chickens. To meet their needs, RBKM focuses on product differentiation, emphasizing freshness, and maintaining open communication about slaughtering plans.

Differentiation and Unique Value

What sets RBKM Chickens apart is their commitment to quality. Raising chickens to meet market standards and engaging directly with customers allows Prudence to understand their needs and customize products accordingly.

Prudence has achieved recognition, notably winning the Fabulous Girl of the Year 2022 award. Featured in magazines and newspapers, Prudence's success story is becoming a source of inspiration for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Challenges and Resilience

As a young woman in a rural province, Prudence faces challenges like rising feed and fuel prices and the current electricity crisis. However, her resilience and resourcefulness, coupled with a focus on opportunities, help her navigate these challenges successfully.

Innovation is integral to RBKM Chickens. From using feeders that minimize waste to managing light cycles for the chickens, Prudence ensures that her farming practices align with industry trends and best practices.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

RBKM Chickens takes a holistic approach to sustainability, considering its impact on employees, families, local communities, and society. The focus is on improving human life quality, preserving the environment, and contributing to the long-term economy.

Prudence envisions RBKM Chickens as a key player in South Africa's food security, producing 15,000 to 20,000 broiler chickens and contributing to the local economy and community empowerment.

Entrepreneurial Advice:

Prudence's journey offers valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs:

- Embrace challenges as opportunities.

- Passion fuels success and attracts the right partners.

- Have a definite plan supported by specialized knowledge.

- Do what you love to avoid burnout and frustration.

Prudence Thulisile Mokwena's journey with RBKM Chickens is a beacon of inspiration for those daring to dream beyond the limitations of circumstance. Her commitment to quality, innovation, and community empowerment underscores the transformative power of entrepreneurship.