Expanding Horizons

In a monumental move, the African Asset Finance Company (AAFC) announces the extension of its groundbreaking EASE® (Equipment as a Service) Healthcare program to Southern Africa. Accompanying this expansion is the establishment of EASE® South Africa (Pty) Limited, a subsidiary based in Johannesburg. This strategic initiative builds upon EASE®'s successful launch last year in Ghana and Nigeria, signifying a crucial step in the program's geographic footprint.

A Healthcare Milestone: EASE® South Africa Unveiled

The inauguration of EASE® South Africa stands as a significant milestone for AAFC's healthcare endeavors. Kanyinsola Oyeyinka, VP of Healthcare at AAFC, emphasizes the growing demand for health services in Southern Africa. The program aims to cater to rapidly expanding medical facilities, offering access to state-of-the-art equipment on flexible terms. This approach enables healthcare providers to broaden their service portfolio without depleting equity or relying heavily on credit.

Addressing Critical Challenges

The Southern Africa expansion underscores AAFC's unwavering commitment to advancing health outcomes and addressing critical challenges within African healthcare systems. By providing innovative solutions, EASE® Healthcare aims to revolutionize the approach to equipment acquisition, offering flexibility and adaptability tailored to individual circumstances and business needs.

COO Insights

Imraan Soomra, AAFC's Chief Operating Officer, highlights the enduring significance of the EASE® Healthcare program within the broader EASE® initiatives. The program empowers customers to access equipment on terms aligned with their unique circumstances, ushering in a transformative shift in equipment purchasing practices in emerging markets. Soomra expresses pride in facilitating this change through EASE®.

EASE® South Africa's Initial Offering

EASE® South Africa will initially concentrate on providing advanced diagnostic and radiology equipment, including CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine scanners to healthcare facilities. Leveraging EASE®'s extensive network of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the program ensures that customers have access to state-of-the-art equipment tailored to their business requirements.

Pay-Per-Scan Model

Daniel Doetz, Business Development Manager for EASE Healthcare in South Africa, expresses optimism about the launch. The introduction of the pay-per-scan model in Southern Africa signifies an opportunity to expand healthcare access in the region. The team collaborates closely with healthcare facilities to design service programs aligning patient flows, payments, and reimbursements—a holistic solution benefitting both patients and facilities.

As EASE® Healthcare takes root in Southern Africa, it heralds a new era of healthcare accessibility, flexibility, and transformative equipment acquisition practices. AAFC's pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation set the stage for positive change within the healthcare landscape.