Egypt's Banque Misr has introduced the third edition of its "Teqdar" (You Can) program, designed to support startups and entrepreneurs with technical, investment, and marketing assistance. This initiative is part of the bank’s ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the local startup ecosystem.

Program Overview

The "Teqdar" program aims to provide a comprehensive support system for startups, helping them navigate the challenges of growth and scaling. The program offers a range of benefits, including up to $125,000 in financing, access to a customer base of over 15 million, and guidance on modern innovation and production methods.

Application and Selection

Startups can apply for the program until July 4. The initiative builds on the success of the previous two editions, which accelerated the growth of 11 startups. Selected startups will receive tailored support over a six-month period, designed to propel them forward.

Financial and Technical Support

Participants can receive up to $125,000 in financing. The program also provides a range of technical support services, ensuring that startups have the resources they need to develop and scale their operations.

Market Access and Expert Guidance

One of the key benefits of the "Teqdar" program is access to Banque Misr's extensive customer base of over 15 million. This enables startups to reach a wider audience and engage directly with potential customers. Additionally, the program offers guidance from specialized experts, helping startups to adopt modern innovation mechanisms and rapid production methods.

Strategic Advantages

Banque Misr partners with startups to offer tailored solutions that meet customer needs. The program provides new partnership opportunities and expert guidance, enhancing Egypt’s appeal as an investment destination. It demonstrates Banque Misr’s dedication to digital transformation and local market development.

Commitment to Excellence

The launch of the third edition of the "Teqdar" program underscores Banque Misr's commitment to improving the lives of Egyptians by providing accessible, advanced banking and financial services. The bank strives for excellence, ensuring long-term success and initiatives that meet diverse customer needs.