A Strategic Partnership Redefining Restaurant Management

In a groundbreaking move, Fawry, a leading Egyptian player in digital banking and payments technology, has joined forces with Simple Touch, a renowned provider of advanced business management software for the food and beverage industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The Vision

The primary objective of this strategic collaboration is to elevate the restaurant management systems provided by Simple Touch by integrating Fawry's cutting-edge financial technologies throughout the MENA region. Mohamed Kamel, Head of Acceptance Business Development and Billers Relationship Management at Fawry, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "This collaboration with Simple Touch is a great opportunity to transform the restaurant sector in the MENA region by integrating innovative technology with their wide customer base."

Fawry's Track Record

Kamel underscored Fawry's remarkable history in digital payment solutions, emphasizing how this alliance will fortify the food and beverage industry. He articulated, "Our aim is to deliver a comprehensive and creative solution tailored to meet the demands of businesses in this field, thereby improving their operational efficiency and enhancing the overall experience for customers."

Simple Touch's Perspective

Echoing Kamel’s sentiments, Hady Samir, Simple Touch’s co-founder and commercial sector head, expressed his pride in partnering with Fawry. He sees this as a pivotal step to creatively expand their business across the region. Hady remarked, “Joining forces with Fawry is a landmark moment, merging our expertise in food and beverage industry business management software with their cutting-edge fintech and digital payment technologies.”

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Samir emphasized the collaboration's overarching goal: to introduce innovative solutions to the regional restaurant industry, with a focus on enhancing efficiency and performance. This strategic agreement positions itself as a boon for food and beverage entrepreneurs, offering them advanced technology that simplifies financial processes and digital transactions for diners across the MENA region.

Catalyst for Change

This partnership marks a crucial juncture in the development of the MENA food and beverage sector, designed to address the evolving needs of the industry. Anticipated to drive progress in digital payment methods within the sector, this collaboration sets the stage for more extensive and transformative cooperation.