GoDaddy's 5th Round of Training Sessions

GoDaddy, the global enabler of entrepreneurial success, has concluded its 5th round of training sessions in collaboration with the Egyptian Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center (EEIC). This partnership, aligned with Egypt's Vision 2030, marks a significant stride in enhancing the entrepreneurial landscape of the country.

Workshops and Train-the-Trainer Sessions

Throughout the collaborative effort, a series of workshops and train-the-trainer sessions have provided Egyptian entrepreneurs with valuable insights into creating a robust online presence, mastering online brand building, and kick-starting successful ecommerce ventures. The initiative aims to equip startups with the digital skills essential for navigating the dynamic digital landscape.

Exclusive Access and Empowering Discounts

As part of the collaboration, EEIC entrepreneurs gain exclusive access to customized educational courses. Additionally, they receive a 30-day free trial of GoDaddy's Arabic Website Builder or Arabic E-store. Exclusive discounts are also extended to program graduates, ensuring they have the necessary digital tools to expand their businesses and establish a compelling online presence.

Nurturing Entrepreneurial Growth: GoDaddy's Commitment

Selina Bieber, Vice President of International Markets at GoDaddy, emphasizes the transformative impact of entrepreneurship. She notes that GoDaddy is committed to empowering businesses, citing data from the MENA Small Business survey revealing a significant uptick in small businesses gearing up for increased online marketing (21%) and digital presence development (19%).

Collaborative Impact: Digital Transformation and Training

Dr. Sherifa Sherif, Executive Director of the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development (NIGSD), underscores the joint initiative's importance in fostering on-ground growth and online excellence for startups. The collaborative training program, spanning 5 rounds, has not only empowered participants but also equipped them to train other entrepreneurs, amplifying the initiative's reach.

Government Support and Economic Impact: The Role of Entrepreneurship

Heba Medhat Zaki, Director of Egypt Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, highlights the crucial role entrepreneurship plays in building a sustainable economy. Entrepreneurship, with its job-creating potential, contributes significantly to economic growth and employment opportunities, aligning with the Egyptian government's vision.

Success Stories: From Program Participant to Industry Leader

Ragaa Magdy, a participant in the EEIC program, shares her transformative experience. As a startup owner, Magdy delved into understanding website creation and maintaining a professional online presence. Joining forces with GoDaddy through EEIC, she found inspiration and expertise, directly benefiting from the industry leaders.

Building a Digital Ecosystem: GoDaddy's Collaborative Endeavors

Actively engaging in partnerships with local organizations and government initiatives in Egypt, GoDaddy aims to raise awareness of the benefits of a digital presence. Collaborations with EEIC, Startups Without Borders, and Fawry involve offering online training, website building tools, and secure payment methods. GoDaddy envisions creating an environment where small businesses receive the support and resources needed for success.