In the bustling world of Health, Fitness & Wellness, few entrepreneurs stand out as catalysts for change. Wilson Onyango, the founder of the African Register of Exercise Professionals (AREPS), is one such visionary. Established in 2020, AREPS is not just a fitness registry; it's a movement driving change across Africa. With a mission to enhance the fitness and wellness sector, Onyango's brainchild has swiftly become a beacon for those passionate about a healthier continent.

The Genesis

In a candid interview, Onyango reveals the driving force behind AREPS: a burning desire to elevate the fitness sector within Africa. He recognized the dire need for improvement and envisaged a platform that not only nurtures professionals in the industry but also fosters awareness about the significance of physical activity.

The Mission and Vision

AREPS operates as an independent register for Africa's fitness, exercise professionals, and sports coaches. The organization's vision is clear: encouraging more Africans to embrace physical activities for a healthier and more productive continent. Their mission is equally compelling – to be a leading player in the fitness and wellness sector.

Products and Services

AREPS offers a range of products and services aimed at achieving its mission:

1. Fitness Tour & Festival: A series of fitness awareness programs conducted in major towns, engaging communities across the continent.

2. Workshops & Short Courses: Educational training sessions in collaboration with partners, focusing on capacity building for professionals.

3. Annual Membership Fee: Members contribute a nominal fee to be part of the AREPS community, gaining access to a wealth of resources.

Revenue Generation

To sustain profitability, AREPS employs a multifaceted business model:

1. Membership Subscription: Generating revenue through a subscription-based model.

2. Event Participation Fees: Charging a small entry fee for fitness awareness events.

3. Educational Offerings: Earning revenue from workshops and short courses.

Unique Value Proposition

What sets AREPS apart is its unwavering commitment to health and wellness. The organization goes beyond conventional fitness programs, emphasizing the importance of exercises and physical activity for a holistic lifestyle.

AREPS caters to the general public and exercise professionals alike. By keeping abreast of the ever-evolving fitness sector, the organization ensures its offerings resonate with the needs of its diverse audience. Strategies include regular updates on industry trends and fostering a sense of community.

Since its inception, AREPS has achieved significant milestones that include Increased participation in physical activities, access to affordable international accredited fitness courses and networking opportunities at continental and global levels.

Challenges and Triumphs

Onyango acknowledges the challenges of finding like-minded individuals and securing funding for initiatives. However, the success stories of increased physical activity and the availability of affordable training courses showcase AREPS's resilience and determination.

Long-term Vision

Looking ahead, Onyango envisions creating opportunities for the upcoming generation and aims to make 90% of Africa's population active. This ambitious vision fuels the organization's dedication to sustained growth and impact.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Onyango emphasizes that entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park. Consistency, he believes, is the key to standing out in the competitive landscape.


Wilson Onyango's journey with AREPS exemplifies the transformative power of entrepreneurship. His vision for a healthier Africa goes beyond business—it's a societal movement.