Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

PTS Holdings, in collaboration with Borg El Arab Technological University (BTU), unveils the Kemtech Valley-BTU studio, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at supporting Egyptian entrepreneurs. This partnership marks a significant milestone in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among university students and graduates in Egypt's technical and technology education sector.

A Strategic Partnership for Entrepreneurship

Under the auspices of the Supreme Council for Technological Education, PTS Holdings and BTU join forces to launch a comprehensive digital platform tailored for technical students and graduates. The platform, aligned with the Egyptian Applied Technology Valley (Kemtech Valley), aims to provide essential services and support for budding entrepreneurs.

Empowering Students and Graduates

Venture Kemtix and COREangels MEA collaborate with PTS Holdings to introduce the first-of-its-kind digital platform, offering a wide array of services including development, training, employment, and innovation support. With a substantial investment, this platform serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurship and startup growth, contributing to Egypt's vibrant innovation ecosystem.

Facilitating Collaboration and Connectivity

The Kemtech Valley-BTU studio serves as a centralized hub for collaboration between educational institutions and the private sector in applied technology education. Through this platform, students and graduates gain access to global job markets, training programmes, and qualification opportunities, enhancing their employability and entrepreneurial skills.

Empowering Egyptian Youth: Scholarships and Mentorship

Eng. Maha Mandour, group managing director for PTS Holdings, emphasizes the pivotal role of educational institutions and investment firms in Egypt's socio-economic development. The initiative offers free scholarships to top-performing students, providing them with mentorship and training to develop innovative project ideas. These projects undergo rigorous evaluation and may receive sponsorship and support from the Kemtech Valley-BTU studio.

Nurturing Talent and Innovation

With a focus on nurturing talent and fostering innovation, the Kemtech Valley-BTU studio embodies Egypt's commitment to empowering its youth and driving technological advancement. Through strategic partnerships and dedicated support, this initiative aims to transform innovative ideas into thriving startups, shaping the future of entrepreneurship in Egypt.