Redefining Credit Access

MNZL, a pioneering fintech startup based in Egypt, secures a monumental $3.5 million in Seed funding, marking a significant milestone in its mission to revolutionize lending across the MEA region. With a visionary approach to credit access, MNZL aims to empower millions by transforming tangible assets into financial opportunities.

In Egypt, a staggering less than 10% of adults have accessed credit from traditional financial institutions, highlighting a pervasive issue of restricted access to financing. MNZL steps in to fill this gap, introducing a groundbreaking wallet concept that allows asset owners to leverage their properties and vehicles for much-needed liquidity.

Driving Innovation in Finance

MNZL's journey is led by visionary founders, Sameh Saleh, Ahmed Eldessouky, and Bassem El Shaer. With a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, technology, and product scaling, the trio is committed to reshaping the financial landscape in Egypt and beyond.

Strategic Partnerships: Pioneering Support

MNZL's $3.5 million Seed round is led by esteemed investors, including P1 Ventures, Localglobe, and Ingressive Capital. This strategic backing underscores the universal appeal and transformative potential of MNZL's innovative approach to lending.

Empowering Families: A Complete Revolution

Sameh Saleh, MNZL's visionary CEO, envisions a future where Egyptian families can leverage their assets for financial freedom. By introducing a wallet concept to asset-backed lending, MNZL empowers individuals to access credit securely and inclusively.

Paving the Way for Innovation

MNZL has obtained essential permits from the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA), positioning itself as a trusted player in the financial sector. Early traction in the market validates the demand for MNZL's inclusive approach to credit.

A Game-Changing Platform

Hisham Halbouny, Managing Partner at P1 Ventures, and Yvonne Bajela, Partner at LocalGlobe, commend MNZL's transformative impact on the financial sector. MNZL's innovative model sets a new standard for lending in emerging markets.

A Vision for the Future

Armed with fresh capital, MNZL is poised to enhance its technology and scale operations, reaching more Egyptians in need of financial empowerment. The vast market potential positions MNZL as a pivotal player in the global fintech landscape.