Breaking Down Barriers in Tech Entrepreneurship

Female entrepreneurs across Africa are invited to seize an extraordinary opportunity—the Aurora Tech Award. This prestigious global prize is exclusively designed for women founders of tech startups, aiming to foster equality and eliminate barriers in the tech entrepreneurship landscape.

The Aurora Tech Award seeks dynamic female founders who have a functional prototype or an early version of their tech product. This initiative is not just a competition; it's a catalyst for change, providing a platform for women to showcase their innovation and entrepreneurial prowess.

The award structure reflects a commitment to empowering female-led ventures. The first-place winner receives an impressive $30,000, the second-place contender secures $20,000, and the third-place achiever is rewarded with $10,000. Beyond monetary gains, selected ventures gain access to a vibrant global community of women tech entrepreneurs.

Support Beyond Funding: A Holistic Approach

Winning isn't just about the prize money. Successful applicants benefit from public relations support, invaluable feedback from venture capital experts, and mentorship from industry leaders and C-level executives through the finalist mentorship program, facilitated by inDrive.

Applications are open, and the window of opportunity extends until December 1. If you're a female founder with a vision, a prototype, and the determination to break barriers in the tech world, this is your chance to shine. Take the leap, submit your application, and step into a transformative journey with the Aurora Tech Award.